Monday, September 13, 2010

HARI RAYA 2010 (Day Two) - A Wedding and more visiting!

A friend of both my hubby and I got married on the 2nd day of Hari Raya, and she being a very close and dear friend, we decided to make the trip to Batu Pahat, a 2 ½ hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, for the wedding. We would say that this a wedding much awaited by many of our friends and colleagues at work. *smile* This is her first wedding, and she herself had rightly said, her life is only just about to begin .... at 40++ *grin* Kalau dah jodoh, akan bertemu jua..... (it was fated for you to marry, you will surely meet...).

We started out at about 9.30am, and only arrived in Batu Pahat (it usually takes only 2 ½ to 3 hours to get to Batu Pahat on normal days) at about 1.30pm due to heavy traffic along the trunk roads leading to Batu Pahat town.

When we got there, the bride and groom had already arrived, and was just done with the Makan Berhidang.

Our friend, Rosila, looks different as she was attired in a head scarf, as before this, she wasn’t wearing a head scarf. But, she looked very happy and cheerful, and was smiling from ear to ear, as any bride would, but her wedding is extra special. *smile*

After the wedding, we headed on my mother-in-law’s kampong (home town), Muar, an hour’s drive from Batu Pahat. There we visited my MIL’s eldest and only brother, Ayah Long, and most of his children. It’s been some time since we made a viist to Muar, and so, we spent quite some time there, chatting with my hubby’s cousin and aunt. Aiman was happily playing with Teh, their favourite pet cat.

Before heading back to Kuala Lumpur, my hubby took us around Muar.

He also showed us the government quarters where he used to live when my FIL was still serving the government many years ago.

The house looks abandoned, which is a pity since most government quarters those days are really huge with a huge garden for you to run around outside instead of being cooped up in the house in front of the TV or computer all day like kids nowadays do.


Aiman was actually smitten by the house that he wanted us to buy it! LOL!

Wa started our journey back to Kuala Lumpur at about 6.00pm, and made a stop over at the Restoran Jejantas Air Keroh located along the highway for dinner and maghrib prayers.

My son had Mee Goreng Mamak for dinner.

Sup Ekor with rice for hubby

Asam Laksa for me.

I didn't like it. The gravy was too thin, and it was so hot and spicy that I had to look for potato chips to take away the heaty traste from my mouth.

We safely arrived back in Kuala Lumpur at 10.00pm due to heavy traffic on the highway.

To Rosila and Kamarudin, CONGRATULATIONS!

May your marriage be blessed and may you both always remain faithful to one another and be together till death do you part. Amin.

And here are the embroidered towels I made for them. I hope they like them!

For orders, do drop me an email! *wink*

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