Friday, June 02, 2006

The fever is back!

Or is it really?

I watched the Konsert Prelude on Sunday, 28 May, (wondered why they had it on a Sunday and not Saturday? Since it ends so late, makes getting up for work at 5.15 am the next day quite a task! LOL!) and feel that there isn't going to be much to look forward to this season.

For one, last season, at the Prelude Concert, I already had my `eyes' on Aidil, who I think is kind of good looking, though does not have much of a singing talent. I was already set to watch the diaries, if not for anything else, but to just see how this guy is doing, and if he had a chance. My hubby had his vote (not that he voted! LOL!) for Akma. That's good enough to keep us glued to the TV from 8.30 - 9.00 pm each day, though my hubby only watches the diaries if the camera focuses on Akma. Hmmmm......should I be jealous? LOL! *wink*

This year, after the Konsert Prelude, I still couldn't decide if I liked any of the kids, and whether it would be worth my time watching the diaries. Although, I must say that Haziq, though the 1st time I saw him, I was not impressed, but, after his performance that night, I hoped that he would be one of the chosen ones. Hooray! He is, but still, I wasn't impressed enough to make me want to watch the diaries. I'll watch it if there is nothing else better to watch on TV. *grin*

I had hoped that Shaz and Lynn be included in the 12, but, I guess, my judgment is wrong when it comes to understanding the world of entertainment. *sigh* I am surprised that Amirul, who I think fumbled with his songs during the prelude concert, got in. I am also surprised that Nora got in, but not Lynn, who I felt fared better in delivering her song. Oh well, it is, after all, Akademi Fantasia, and so, we have to be prepared with more surprises and disappoinments.

I wasn't too imprssed with Farhan too. First, I thought the name is kind of odd for a girl, and two, she looked a little bit `mengada-ngada' when the astro crew delivered her the good news as being one of the 20 to perform at the Konsert Prelude. But the night of the prelude concert, her rendition of Route 66 got me impressed, but she was at the bottom of the popularity chart and would only get be able to get into the academy via the judges, and she did! Congratulations to her! But, I think she has a lot of things/hurdles stacked up against her.

She is not a favourite among the general voters. She is constantly at the bottom two of the chart since entering the Akademi. She does not have the looks that will attract the voters to want to vote for her. She has only her good vocals to keep her in. It has been proven last year that good vocals will not necessarily make you a favourite among the voters. The majority of voters lack maturity to judge the kids for their talents, rather going for the 'looks' and so called 'aura', which still amazes me to this day.

Last year, I felt that Idayu had good vocals, and would at least make it to the finals, but, alas, she does not have the looks nor the aura to attract voters to vote for her. She was kicked out at the 4th concert. A pity really, but, she has proven that she still has the talent to make it. Her song is currently being played at Radio Era more often than Amylea's (2nd place) or Yazer's (5th) songs. I really like the song and love the way she uses her vocals to the fullest. I hope that her star will shine brighter.

Ok, back to the current AF4 kids, since there are none (currently *wink*) that I am really impressed with, I think I will just keep a look out for Haziq, Diddy and Farhan for this coming concert.

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