Saturday, June 24, 2006

Did I just started another craze? *gulp*

I met up with Ee Koon, later Linda joined us, at Starbucks, Bangsar Village today. I had a quick lesson on hardanger! Yipee! *jumping up and down in happiness!* *LOL!

Margaret did not joined us though she met up Linda at MPH MV. However she smsed me asking how much damage did I do shopping at QG (they are having a sale). LOL! Well, Margaret, not much, really. I was being a good girl coz I had teacher Ee Koon with me..eerrr....Ee Koon wud not make a good example when it comes to trying not to shop! LOL! BUt, today, she behaved! LOL! *wink*

I only bought a piece of 22ct pink/rose coloured evenweave (really lovely!), one ecru perle no. 5, one light green perle no. 8. That's it! Honest! *grin* They are all meant 4 my hardanger class with Ee Koon!

We sat at a corner of Starbucks and the class began! I think we kinda `disturbed' d lady seated at d next table with our excitement, well, at least, my excitement! LOL! coz she got up and left! LOL!

I did not manage to complete doing everything while at BV coz my son was getting restless, so, Ee Koon gave me 'strict' *wink* intructions on what to do and what NOT to do! LOL! Yeah, like do not cut the fabric until I have completed all the kloister blocks, and she will teach me d rest in the next class, which is when? Next week? Gosh! I have to wait that long! LOL! *wink* My hands are itching! LOL!

Anyway, for teacher Ee Koon's info, I have completed what is required and awaiting 4 the next class. What do you think? Am I a good student or what? LOL! *wink*

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