Monday, June 05, 2006

Linda's BUZZ RR

I started on Linda's BUZZ RR on Saturday, 3rd June. I was happily stitching it, and was almost 1/3 done, when, oh my gosh! I suddenly realised that I stitch the opposite of Linda! I do my X with this stitch / first, and then \, but Linda does it the other way! *cheeks burning hot and turning beet root in frustration!*

I contemplated frogging. will set me back by a few hours to frog, and then, it will take me a few hours more to stitch them again. Hmm....I am no longer in the mood to stitch........ I took a break. I had Kit Kat..well...not really! *wink* But, I did take a snap in frustration! LOL!

When I woke up 1/2 hour later, I decided to sms Linda to ask her if I shud frog or go ahead. She sms me back that it is ok. Phew! Thanks, Linda! I really appreciate that. I hope Linda honestly didn't mind.

If she had asked me to frog, of course I would have to, *grin* but I think I wouldn't stitch on it again, at least not for another week! LOL! *wink* You know, the feeling when you are frustrated or not satisfied with yourself or ashamed of your mistakes? You just want to 4get about it for a while! *grin*

Anyway, after the sms reply, I was on it again and stitched all evening, until it was time for me to prepare dinner. I am about 1/2 done with the stitching. There are plenty of back stitching to do, which I hope will bring out the design nicely. Can't wait to get done on this so that I can work again on my Trellis, b4 proceeding with the Joan Elliot SAL which I will be doing with Barbara at the end of the month.

Just a note, after stitching Nature's Alphabet on 28ct evenweave where progress is slow, I felt like I was practically zooming on Linda's piece since it was done on 14ct aida! LOL!

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