Tuesday, June 13, 2006


heheh.....sorry to get you all panicking! *wink* Actually, I am the one who is in a panic state! LOL!

I am suddenly swarmed with work, I feel like sometimes I am not breathing! LOL! I am way over my head with work! I am like running from one meeting to the other, grabbing a quick bite 4 lunch, before rushing off to the afternoon meeting, and then continuing with another one after that one, ending till past 7 pm!

At the rate things are going, I think I need more than 7 days in a week! LOL! I am so mentally and physically exhausted, I can't watch programs on TV from start to end, without falling asleep midway through the program! LOL!

I miss spending time with my son, cuddling him, hugging him, playing with him. I am too exhausted to entertain him, so he is left playing very much on his own these last few days. *sad* You have to remember that I am still without a maid. There are the household chores that still needs to be done when I get home, regardless of my state of mind and body. Dinner has got to be served (bought whenever possible), cleared and cleaned up. My son's homework still needs to be looked at. His school things needs to be ready for tommorow's school day. *sigh* Those are responsibilities I cannot afford to shirk, no matter what.

I also I miss my stitching (ok, I miss my hubby too, but he is also busy with work! *grin*). If only I could just put in a few stitches a nite, it would make me feel so much more less stressed out! LOL! *wink*

Anyway, I am glad that last weekend, before my week started getting hectic and `out of hand', I managed to complete Linda's BUZZ RR, in record time! Well, ok, MY RECORD time! LOL! Yipee! It took me from weekend to weekend! I can't remember ever doing a piece of this size that I got done in less than a week! Wow! I am overjoyed! *grin*

I have since gone back to working on my Trellis, and hope to get as much done b4 the end of month as I had promised Barbara that I will start a SAL with her on the Joan Elliot Friendship Sampler. Can't wait!


Barbara said...

Slow down will ya! The rate you are going, you're gonna beat me to the finish line of our SAL!!

Za said...

heheh....we are in competition 2 see who finishes hers 1st, aren't we? LOL! *wink* Kidding!