Monday, June 05, 2006

the Fickle Minded one....

When I first organised this RR, little did I realise that the the initials of the participants, Azie or Lilo, as she is known to some people, and Zalita, or Cheeze, as she is known at the MYS board, when put together would make up the initials to my name - NAZ.

The RR was organised because all 3 of us were born in the month of June and we are all Geminians. Geminians are known to be fickle minded, which we sometimes are! LOL! and we thought it would nice to do an RR together as a token of our friendship.

It was only later that Azie noted that our initials would make up my initials! Talk about coincidences! LOL! Thus, the RR was arranged such that it would show up my initials even more prominently! *grin*

I love working on this piece, and hope that Azie and Cheeze had also enjoyed working on my piece as I had on theirs.

BTW, Happy Birthday Azie, who celebrated her birthday on Saturday, 3rd June, and Cheeze, who will be celebrating her birthday on 12th June!

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