Monday, June 05, 2006

It's finally here!

huh? What's finally here? L*K Stamp-it! That's what's finally here! LOL! *grin* Yup! I sent it for framing all the way in Penang when I was there on holiday..well, only my son and I were on hubby came to work! *grin*

Ina brought it to KL when she was here last week on holiday with her kids and hubby. I am sorry I had kept her and her family waiting. We had promised to meet at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Ticket Counter on Sunday, 28 May, since they were planning a day out there. Little did I know it was going to cause so much trouble for Ina.

The Lagoon was under massive renovation and there was no direct route to the ticket counter. I didn't know that I had to enter the parking lot in Sunway Pyramid in order to get to the ticket counter. Usually it would not take me more than 10 minutes to get from my house to the theme park, but 20 minutes had already passed, but I still could find the way to the ticket counter.

I had to make 2 U-turns b4 I finally found the way to get in! By then, I had already passed the entrance to the parking lot again. Another U-turn would have caused more delays, and Ina had smsed me saying that her kids were already getting anxious to get into the theme park. I felt really bad. I started feeling anxious too! LOL!

The only way is either to make another U-turn to get into the parking lot or give the car to the car jockey. The parking fee for jockey service is RM8! I knew that I was only going to be there for hardly 10 minutes! I contemplated, but I had to decide, and I had to decided fast! Another U-turn would cause a further 5-10 minutes delay. The phone rang again! Oh no! That's it! The jockey it is! LOL!

I made the necessary payments and, with my son in tow, ran all the way to the end of the shopping mall to teh lift lobby. Did I tell you that the girl at the information counter told me to take the lift UP at the end of the shopping mall, and not DOWN?

Well, I got into the lift after making my 100m run, LOL! and in panic, just pressed the next 3 floors going UP, only realising that there were no 3rd floor! LOL! I was supposed to go DOWN 3 floors, not UP 3 floors! LOL!

OK, down came the lift, and another dash across the parking lot, the temporary metal bridge, before I finally saw Ina with my precious framed piece in hand and her kids already in an anxious mood! *gulp*

Like another Touch-n-Go episode, as alwyas, like it never ends whenever I meet Ina, LOL! *wink* I got my framed piece, she handed me some goodies from Penang, thanks, Ina, a quick hi, salam and apologies, and she was off into the park, and my son and I, back to the car! LOL!

I honestly wish to apologize to Ina and her family for keeping them waiting way beyond the time that I promised. I truly am sorry. I thought it wud be easier to meet at the theme park since it was so near, but alas, it became so far, at least in terms of time.

However, I wish to thank Ina so very much for bringing down my framed piece. I really do appreciate it and can't thank you enough. Hugs!

Hope U and your kids had great fun at the park!

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