Monday, June 05, 2006

If only not for the buttons.......

I would have finished this piece completely! *sigh*

Yup! It's done! Well, ok, about 98% done! *grin* I am missing the Mill Hill Tulip and Hare buttons, which I have no idea yet how to go about getting my hands on them! LOL! So unlike me not to plan ahead! *wink*

This piece is special in more ways than one. This is my 1st piece worked on evenweave. This is also a Stitch-A-long (SAL) with Ina. It is also the 1st piece that I have done which has so many specialty stitches in one design, and also the 1st piece using my newly bought superframe.

I had enjoyed working this piece, although I must say that I had my frustrations sometimes when I couldn't get the specialty stitches to look as nice as they should have been. I dare say that this will definitely not be my 1st and last work using evenweaves, although it would not be so soon! *wink*

I hope to get hold of the buttons very soon so that I can have it finished completely and sent out to Ina for framing.

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