Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hardanger is in!

ok....I think I have gotten into another craze.....this time it's hardanger! I put the blame on Ee Koon *wink* for getting me into this 'mess'! LOL!

Ever since that one lesson at a corner of Starbucks, Bangsar Village, I am smitten by the hardanger bug! I just can't seem to think of anything is the office is only slightly affected! *wink* LOL!....I even dreamt about it last nite! LOL!

Such is my craze that I actually braved the lunch hour bumper to bumper jam to get to Haby's at Ampang Park! Well, actually, hubby drove! *wink* Thanks, Dear! Love you for braving the bad traffic just for me! muaahhhh!

You see, I just had to get some more perle cottons to satisfy my hunger for more hardanger! LOL! I was running out of the ecru perle I bought at QG the other day. I have even put down my "FROGGING NOT ALLOWED" project for this latest craze!

I wanted to finish my frog project by the 1st of July so that I dn't have any other pending projects, except for the BUZZ RR, when I start the JE SAL. Well, looks like my plans just went down the drain! Opps! *grin*

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