Sunday, December 17, 2006

The bead bug is back!

....and I have my mom to `blame' for that! *wink* LOL!

My mom got me into beading again while she stayed at my house for a few days last week. She either got bored, or was just simply looking for something to do while I was at work. *grin* She was amazed at the collection of beads that I have, and asked what do I do with all those beads. When I showed her the handphone/scissor bracelets that I did, she immediately asked that I teach her how to do them. She immediately caught the bead bug, and that got her addicted! LOL! While I was at work, she 'ransacked' my bead box and made quite a few for herself, and they were quite nice ones too! She has now adorned a few of her handbags with the bracelets, putting them at the zipper of the bags. Now, why didn't I think of that? LOL!

She also browsed my bead book, and wanted to do some earrings, something I, myself had never even tried. I took her to Brenda's (Mayfair, Taipan) to buy the things she needed, and Brenda gave her some tips.

The next day she made me a very nice pair of earrings. Thanks, mom! Eventhough they were simple, I still got quite a number of compliments from friends at work when I wore it the next day. That kind of got me interested to try making some myself, so, on Friday, lunch time, I made a quick dash to Yee's (my morning meeting ended so late, that I had to rush, because I had another meeting in the afternoon) to buy some beads and earring findings. Not that I actually needed anymore beads! LOL! My mum says that my bead stash is like as if I am opening up a craft shop! *wink* That's actually an exaggeration on my mum's part, really! *grin*

Actually I tried making an earring out of the stash bead that I already have, but they were the light ones (read: cheap! LOL!) meant more for making scissor fob/ handphone bracelets. For earrings, bracelets and necklaces, I wud need the heavier type ones (read: expensive ones! *grin*) so that they fall nicely when you wear them, like the ones my mum bought at Brenda's.

Did I actually made any earrings upon coming home that day? Nope, I ended up making more scissor fobs/ handphone bracelets! LOL! Why? I could not decide the design for the earrings, and since I bought very few earring findings which was only enough to make only 2 pairs of earrings, I became very indecisive. So typical of geminians! Very fickle minded! LOL! *grin* So, it's scissor fobs/handphone bracelets for now. I am planning to give them away to some very close friends, thus, I decided to snap some photos to keep record of some of the designs that I have made, not that I will be doing the same design twice, but, it will inspire me to try out other designs when I look at what I have already made.

By the way, the beading tray that you see in the photo? That's an original in the sense that I made it up myself using a plain beading tray which I had bought some time back online. For the beading surface to pin the ends of the scissor fob or any other items I am making, for ease of working, I had used a recycled styrofoam board I got when I bought a water boiler a few months back, and wrapped it up in felt material which I had bought at QG last week.

The plastic box to put in my beads are also recycled containers, which was previously used to put in raya cookies, which was given to me by some friends. Looks nice, huh? *wink* I just made it last night, and since then, it has made my beading work a lot easier. I don't loose as many beads and findings as I used to when they start rolling off the table! LOL!

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Barbara said...

Oh my...what will you think of next?? Amazing work!! Love the earings and those little strings of beads for the handphones. Matching those beads must be a mammoth task all by itself not to mention the creativity involved. Great work!