Thursday, December 21, 2006

my grannies....

Well, not my grandmother (I do miss her, though), but, rather, the square one - crocheted granny squares. *wink*

I have been wanting to crochet granny squares for quite some time, but could not find a drawn instructions anywhere, online nor in books. I am rather intimidated with written crochet instructions, but, because I wanted so much to try out doing granny squares after seeing some very lovely granny squares at PATTY'S GRANNY SQUARE COLLECTION , I decided to give the one I found at JPF Club a go.

I must say that initially trying to understand the abbreviations used was quite a task, not to mention, frustrating. I actually started out trying to do a coaster (another item I have been wanting to crochet) I found at Handcrafting with Love. But I could not make out most parts of the instructions, and after a couple of attempts, I abandoned the coaster project and tried out the granny squares. I must say that the instructions were far easier to understand, and I managed to complete my 1st ever granny squares (top piece) in less than 30 minutes! Yup, I know that's way too long a time, but, you have to remember that this is also my first time reading a wriiten instructions. So, I'll give myself a pat on the back for this 1st attempt. LOL! *wink*

Yeah, I know this is pretty much the very basic granny squares. Nothing really great in terms of design about this granny, but, I am happy none the less, and want to share my excitement with my crafting friends. *wink*

The piece at the bottom is my 2nd attempt at making colour changes after I have gained more confidence in doing up the grannies. I hope to learn the variation ones like the one at PATTY'S GRANNY SQUARE COLLECTION if only I know where to find the instruction for them, or shall I get creative and try out my own designs? *wink* Maybe........

Look out for more progress at this page! *wink*

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