Monday, December 11, 2006

I am mad with........... boss today. I have never been this mad with my boss in my entire 21 years of working. I have had good bosses before this, or rather; I have been able to tolerate or accept most of my previous boss’ demands about work. I am a hardworking person, and have never said no to work. I am capable of doing a lot of things and, even if I am not, I take the trouble to learn to get whatever job assigned to me, done correctly and well. I am a perfectionist. I would rather not do something if I can’t do it perfectly. But, then again, I never say no to work, so I thrive to do everything perfect, or at least 99% of the time, it is almost perfect. Well, perfect in my book, and perfect to most people, and I am not boasting, for I have a reputation that says, “If you want a job well done, gave it to Nik. She will deliver”.

I am serious about my work, and nothing satisfies me more than to deliver the job assigned to me with the best of my abilities, and to have my boss tell me that I should put work first ahead of my career advancement and family matters infuriates me.

How many times have I had to cancel my leave to spend time with my family and to settle family matters only to be called by her asking me to come back to work because there is a meeting that I HAVE TO ATTEND because she does not want to attend it because, she knows nothing about the project! Hello! Who is the boss here? Shouldn’t bosses know about the projects they are handling/managing?

Even when it comes to high level meetings where most of the members of the meetings are very senior managers, and the meetings are chaired by the Director General, Secretary General or the Ministers, she would conveniently be outstation, and I have no choice but to attend the meeting on her behalf. Urrgghh! That irks me! It is great that all these senior people in the government knows me by name because I have attended quite a few meetings in place of my boss, but, that is beside the point. My boss might as well promote me quickly, and I will be more than happy to attend all those meetings that she has been avoiding all this while.

I am supposed to attend a two day seminar, starting today, on Integrity in Management which I consider a step towards my career advancement. I have always felt that I need to attend these kinds of seminars and courses to better myself, in preparation for a better future, and hopefully, make me a good manager and leader. Certainly I hope I will be a far better manager than my current boss is, or, is she really a manager to begin with? She has so far pushed everything to me. Or, is that what managers do? Push everything to their middle managers to handle the big things while they handle things which are irrelevant?

I have an important meeting this afternoon with the Federal Secretary General of Sarawak at the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM). He is coming all the way from Kuching to discuss project details with us. Even though I will be attending the management seminar, I informed my boss that I will be in the office in the afternoon to attend the all important meeting with the Secretary General of JPM. Looking at the seminar itinery, I will be missing an important topic on Business Integrity Management System, but, for the sake of the project, I have to make the choice and sacrifies. There will be a second part on the second day, so, I hope that I will still be able to catch up on what I will miss on the first day of the seminar.

On Friday last week, she directed me to attend a project meeting in Melaka to be held on Tuesday, 12 December 2006, to be chaired by the Chief Minister of Melaka. The letter stated that the meeting is to be attended by the principal architect of the project team, meaning my Director, or, in his absence, my boss. My Director is away performing his Haj. Automatically, that makes my boss the principal architect during his absence. As you can guess, she refuses to go, saying that I am in a better position to go since I know more about the project. READ: She knows nothing about the project because she never took the trouble to know about the project.

When I told her that I will be attending the seminar for two days which included the day of the meeting itself, she told me that I should place priority on work first, than my career advancement. Hello! Am I the principal architect here? How many times have I had to cancel my leave or miss out on good and important courses because of work? Work never ends. It just keeps on coming. I just have to prioritize.

Whenever I have to take leave to attend to family matters or go for a course, I always make sure that I settle everything first that needs to be settled, or, at least prepare my Architects in the event that important matters crops up during my absence. I consider myself a responsible manager, and wouldn’t put any of my Architects in a difficult situation where they would have to be called by senior managers to answer important questions or queries. My Architects are free to call me on my handphone anytime should they need to consult me on anything with regards to work eventhough I am on leave or attending a course.

For my boss to say that I am putting my family and career advancement ahead of my work, after all the sacrifieses that I have done, really infuriates me. Hasn’t she realised till today how much I have sacrified in the name of work? Even when my son is sick and on that day there is an important meeting, I would come to the office just to attend the meeting, leaving my sick son in the care of my sick MIL, praying hard that my son and MIL will be OK as I attend to this so called meeting that is more important than my family.

Every time my son is sick, and I have to leave him in the care of my MIL, all in the name of work, I feel sick in the heart. My son is only 6 years old. He needs his mummy to take care of him. Even though my MIL is more than happy to care for him, she is not well herself to be taking care of a sick child, and my son is prone to high fevers which can be nerve wrecking at times when the temperature shoots up to 40 degrees within split seconds when just before that it was just 37 degrees.

My boss could have attended this meeting in Melaka if she is responsible enough. If she does not know much about the project, my Architect could accompany her to help her in answering questions posted by the Chief Minister. Instead, she prefers that I not attend the seminar but attend this meeting in place of her.

When I requested that she nominates someone else to attend the seminar in my place since everything has been paid for, can you guess what her answer was?

I never told you not to attend the seminar, I just told you to attend the meeting in Melaka”. Hello! As it is, I am already not attending the afternoon session of the seminar on Monday, since I have a meeting with the Secretary General of JPM, which by the way, she should be chairing, but, she is leaving it to me to take the chair. I have to leave for Melaka on Tuesday at 10.00 am since the meeting is going to be in the afternoon, leaving me with no time to attend the second day of the seminar. And she said that she never told me not to attend the seminar? Hello! Anybody home in that head of hers? Doesn’t she get it that eventually I will ONLY be attending the morning session on Monday of the seminar? I might as well not attend the seminar at all, thus my request that she nominate someone else in my place. *sigh* I give up! But, I am still MAD with her!

If it was I that did not want to attend the seminar because something had cropped up, it would be my responsibility to get someone to replace me. But, in this case, since she was the one who instructed me to attend this and that meeting, then she should be responsible to nominate someone else to take over my place since her intructions to me to attend the Melaka meeting came in so late on Friday.

If it was my Architect that I had asked to attend a meeting and he or she is to attend a course or seminar at the same time, I would have been responsible enough to get someone to replace her or him. But, that is me, and by the way, had the course been one that is important to my Architect’s career advancement, I would not stop my Architect from attending, and I would attend the meeting myself, but ask that my Architect brief me first on issues arising before he or she leaves for the course. *sigh*

I guess I just have to live with a difficult and demanding boss for now. I am not the only one who has been constantly complaining about her. There are many others, even those who are not even her subordinates are complaining about her.

I hope my promotion will come soon so that I no longer have to be under her `rule’. *grin*

For now, I’ll just have to be more patient………………

Ohh….did I tell you that she intends to freeze all our leaves till the end of the year? Yes, we have projects that needs to be tendered out by the 1st week of January 2007, but, as far as my projects are concerned, we are on track, and taking leave for a few days at the end of the year has all been taken into account and will not jeopardize our schedule.

Most of us agree that the only reason why she intends to freeze our leave is because she is afraid that there will be meetings she has to attend during our leave which she knows nothing of the project. Hello! Isn’t that is what bosses are supposed to do? Attend project meetings they are managing and aren’t bosses supposed to know about the projects they are managing? I give up! *sigh*


Eric Friese said...

Family should always come before least in my opinion. y

Give your boss a "courtesy" complaint and then go to her boss. It sounds like she doesn't deserver to be in management and her boss needs to know about it.

I hope things get better and I wish you luck!

-Eric Friese

whitecalla said...

Oh Boy! 'cough ' I see are fuming Nik !! ;) Now that you had unleashed,I hope you are feeling better and cool down. Take care Nik. Think of Aiman and how he makes you smile.

Anonymous said...

Every boss is just samelah, Nik....
tekan kita macam orang gila....