Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's huge!

I made up EMS' pincushion yesterday into a biscornus, and it is huge! The pattern calls for it to be stitched on either a 16ct aida or 32 ct evenweave/linen. I stitched mine on 16ct aida. Even as I stitched it, I thot it was going to be kind of big for a pincushion, but I went ahead to finish it. In fact, I did it in two alternate colours like what I had put up in my blog some time back.

I had hoped that by turning it into a biscornus, with the corners turned down, it wud be smaller, but, no, it is still huge! Too huge for a pincushion/biscornus, in fact! Like a giant pincushion measuring 4"x4"! LOL! I think I cud stick more than 20 needles on it at the same time!

Note: Thanks, everyone, for your comments and compliments! I sure appreciate them all. *smile*


Barbara said...

It looks real good, nevermind if it is big. I don't think the size is a problem and the colours real classy.

whitecalla said...

Wow ! Lovely, lovely, lovely. Fabulous finishing too. :D

ShannyK-L said...

WOW! It looks big but still I love the colours.