Friday, December 08, 2006

An outing with a stitching friend

I took leave to day to settle my son's school matters, and run some other errands as well. I was done earlier than I expected and decided to give Cheeze, a stitching friend from the MYS a call to see if she is free for lunch. I needed to pass on to her the mini furniture I bought at Nilai 3.

I am bad at driving to places I am unfamiliar with, and her apartment in the area of Desa Pandan is like foreign country to me! LOL! She offered to meet me at Great Eastern Mall, but with 3 small kids, ranging in age from 1 years to 5 years, it wud have been inconvenient for her, so, I told her that I will attempt a drive to her area, guided by her directions. Heheh.......what was I thinking! LOL!

I was in Kota Damansara in the morning, and my familar route wud have to be to go thru KL town, take Jln Sultan Ismail and onto Jln Ampang to get to Desa Pandan. But, I thought I would be a little bit more adventurous today as I drove out of Mutiara Damasara and saw a signboard that reads "AMPANG".

Hmmm..ok, maybe I'll give this a try. In my mind, I thot that if I were to go to Ampang via the town, it would be further and longer with the jam, considering it was close to lunch time. Little did I know tht by going to Ampang via Kepong and MRR2 wud take me half way round KL! LOL!

I kept looking out for the signage that read AMPANG, and my confidence was boosted that I am going to get there in no time! Duh!

I panicked when I drew closer to Batu Caves and cud no longer find the signage that says AMPANG! LOL! This area is definitely alien to me! Opps! I suddenly realised that I cud be lost! LOL! But, I plodded on, hoping at every kilometer that there will be a signage that says AMPANG. I never found one until I had almost come to Zoo Negara. Phew! I heaved a sigh of relieve! LOL! I am hopeless, huh, when it come to driving at unfamilair places? LOL!

Well, I eventually found the place after calling Cheeze like 6 times? LOL! She must have been shaking her head in amusement. *grin*

After picking up Cheeze and her kids, we headed 4 Great Eastern Mall for lunch and a chat up. I brought along some of my finished and WIP pieces to show off to her. *grin* Understandably, with small kids and the short notice given to her (sorry, Cheeze, for the short notice), she cud not pack anything to show me except for a cute dress for her cute teddy bear.

I think we would probably have stayed longer had our kids not started getting restless, and started running around the whole restaurant, screaming in excitement at the top of their voices! LOL! Well, I too had to make my way back before the traffic jam starts as office people started leaving 4 home.

When I dropped off Cheeze and her kids, I stayed awhile at her house to see some of her finished pieces. I must say that she has quite a number of lovely pieces, especailly a piece by JCS.

I got a peak at Cheeze's 4-patch pincushion exchang she is doing at MYS, and also a personal tutorial on how to do the pincushion. I now have a better idea on how to do it. I learnt a few other things too and got some good tips from Cheeze on how to do a pincushion.

She showed me some japanese and chinese books on finishing and all are so inspiring! What I like most is the french mag June bought for her when June went to Paris recently. All the charts in there are so lovely! I wish I had asked June to buy me one too! *wink* Hint! Hint! LOL!

I had a great time, and would have wanted to stay longer, but, it was getting late. My son got so comfortable playing with Hanie & Shasha, Cheeze's daughters, that he did not want to go home and wanted to spend the nite at Cheeze's! LOL! *blush* I am embarassed! My son wants to stay on at a girl's house! LOL! *wink* Opps! I'd better keep a close eye on him! *grin*

Cheeze gave me a lovely fat quarter blue cotton. I am going to have to find an excuse to use that piece! *grin*

Thanks, Cheeze, for a lovely afternoon.
Hope we can do it again soon.

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z_mnor said...

Thanks to you too, Nik, for the lovely afternoon. Gosh! Hanie & Shasha couldn't sit still, how embarassing *blush* Sometimes they become overexcited meeting with new friend(s). I hope you managed to get back home before the traffic jam starts. I wasn't able to give a call/SMS/email asking about it coz later I was busy with in-laws, wedding invi & Cottage Patch visit.