Sunday, May 13, 2007


So mesmerising was their performance that it left me breathless! LOL! Yes! That is how I would describe and sum up Ebi and Mila’s performance of the song ‘My Heart’ made famous by two people in love, at last night’s concert. Such was the chemistry between the two of them, that I think it was a superb performance by two very talented people, both having strong and powerful vocals but still remaining unique in their own way.

Yes, I agree with Ogy that when I first heard the song, I felt that it was quite a childish song, and I could not even make out the english portion of the song sang by the original singers, but, last night, Ebi and Mila made the song an adult love song, and made it THEIR song! The acting part, choreographed by themselves was really sweet, lovely, and oh, so romantic! *feeling breathless again!* LOL! *wink*

I simply like the way Ebi looked lovingly down at Mila and gently touched her hair, and as Ebi sang into Mila’s microphone, it made the audience in the hall screamed in delight, some even shedding tears in excitement! LOL! I agree with one blogger that said that their performance last night was spellbinding and mesmerizing. I could not have agreed more! There was obvious chemistry between them. They were either really in love, or simply good actors. Kudos!

I almost gave up on the two of them when I saw them rehearsing in one of the diaries which I managed to catch during the week. They could not help laughing as they tried to look into each other’s eyes to get the feel for the song. I told a friend that Ebi simply does not have the romantic character to carry this song with feelings. Yup! Ebi just proved me wrong. I am glad that he did (prove me wrong). He does have the romantic feel, but such was he a shy person that he couldn’t bring out the feel during the rehearsals, that Cikgu Fatimah actually asked if he had ever been in love, when he kept laughing as he looked into Mila’s eyes.

It was a pleasant surprise that not only did they managed to deliver the song in seriousness, but they delivered it so superbly with such feel. Akademi Fantasia’s official website stated that their performance last night was the most romantic performance in the history of AF. My congratulations to both of them for their great performances last night and also for making it to the finals. Phew! Aznil had me cringing the sofa as he announced the names of the finalists! LOL! *grin* I hope both of them will hold the top two positions in the finals to be held next week.

Okay, my breathing is now back to normal. LOL! *wink* Now, for my comments on the others………….

Was it a coincidence that most of those that were given the boot sang an English song on the night that they were eliminated? Could it be that their diction is so bad (except Dafi, who’s diction was commendable and dance steps were awesome!) I think that it simply failed to impress the ‘voters’ to vote for them? Unless you are Aswad that gains sympathy votes despite pronouncing `watching’ as washing’, and getting away with not even having to perform in the 1st week of the concert due to an illness and again this week, staying out of the group performances, also due to an illness? Will we be looking at a sick winner next week?

Oh my gosh! That would be my first reaction if Aswad wins next week. Are we really that bad at judging who’s good and who’s bad? Who’s got the aura, charm and charisma, not to mention talents and looks combined, to make it successfully into this ever cynical entertainment industry? Oh my gosh! Are we really that blind that we only vote because we sympathize and empathize, because, again I remind those ‘voters’ that this is a talent competition, not a competition to see who wins the most sympathy votes.

I hope that it will be proven to me that we are a smarter lot than that. We have come a long way in our journey to become a 1st class developed nation, so, I hope that the `voters’ will think hard before they choose their winner.

It was sad to see Shawal leave. I’d rather like to see the sick one leave. All five of them performing the bonus song, ‘Lagu Gembira’, looked perfect and in tune together. Why must it be spoilt by a person who just sat back and looked on the side? Yup, doctor’s orders, so says Aznil. Why doesn’t the doctor just tell him that it is best to just pull out?

The five put on such a good performance, I felt that it was simply unfair that the one who worked less got into the finals, but not the one who worked hard to keep in step with the votes that kept changing every half an hour or so. Do you get bonus points for being sick? Yes, you get 10,000 more votes *wink* coming your way each time you put on a sad sickly face. *grin* Sorry, I am just being cynical, but can you blame me? LOL! *wink*

Overall, I think the kids performed well last night. Mila, as usual, sang beautifully the song ‘Pudar’ made famous by Rossa. She made it her song. Although I like Ebi’s rendition of ‘Bukan Diri ku’ by Samsons, I think he could have performed even better. But, perform well he did. Finally he got 4 blue lights to indicate that the Critics were impressed by his performance. I hope he brings his magic into the finals to clinch the top position next week.

Candy has always been a consistent performer each week, but, this week, she was not at her best. It could be because she had some sore throat problems or maybe because her dress was simply too big for her small body and too long that she accidentally stepped on it, and probably that made her lose her concentration to perform better. Nevertheless, she tried her best, and never allowed her sickness or the dress, to be used to gain sympathy votes. Or, should I blame Astro for playing with our emotions when it comes to Aswad, but not for the others, because the others have talents to prove?

I enjoyed Heliza’s performance of ‘Ya atau Tidak’. She danced beautifully and in tune with the dancers. She has improved a lot, and I have always liked the way Heliza teases the camera with her eyes.

I pity Heliza when she sang the duet song with Aswad. I think he kind of ‘spoilt’ the song for her. She sang and danced well, but, I can’t say much about Aswad. Even Ogy, who has on numerous occasions, given Aswad good comments in previous concerts, said that she did not like the way he danced. She said that it was not suitable for the song that he sang and it was out of place, and out of tune.

I enjoyed the duet by Shawal and Candy. Too bad we won’t be seeing Shawal again next week. *sigh* It simply was not Shawal’s night. Ogy said that he failed to interact with the dancers, making it as though he was alone on stage. He lost the moment to play his cards right. Just one more step to the finals, and he did not make it. *sigh* All because someone got in through sympathy? Hmmm....... I wish Shawal good luck in the real world. He has the looks and height that can get him somewhere far in the entertainment industry, as long as he is willing to work hard.

Aswad’s rendition of Mawi’s song, 'Mungkin Langitmu Lebih Biru', to say the least, sounds almost like a replica of Mawi, though slightly better. Opps! My mum’s gonna be mad with me for saying that! LOL! *wink* She’s a great fan of Mawi! Sorry, mom, just my opinion! By the way, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MA! I love you!! Hugs!

Oohh! Could it be that the reason why Aswad is getting so many votes is because now voters of Mawi are now voting for Aswad? Hmm……my mom didn’t sound like she liked Aswad when I spoke to her on the phone yesterday. So, that remains a theory yet to be proven. We shall see what becomes in the finals.

Good luck to my four personal favourites – Ebi, Mila, Heliza and Candy – yes, in that order of favourites! LOL! *wink*

SEE YOU ALL at the FINALS next week! Heheh… as if I am going to the concert at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil! LOL! *wink*

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niesa said...

I hope Mila jadi JUAra this year...

Za said...

Comment sent via email to Za -

Yup it was a mesmerising nite to see all the students xcept for the sick one............not to be bias but the sick one doesn't have the charm or aura to be a great singer. He is not up to the standard to perform at corporate dinner shows (says the author of the blog - agree with you on that, dek) unlike Mila, Ebi and fact, Dafi and Aizat too due to their good command of English (Main factor to be selected).................

Suka dgn duet Ebi n Mila eventhough at 1st I thought that Ebi wouldn't be able to deliver the romantic character (I initially thought that Dafi would have be more suitable for this song) but again, Ebi has proven me wrong.......and I was mesmerised with the duet of My Heart by Ebi and Mila........

As for Shawal and Candy, they were not too bad.............I really enjoyed it..............on the other hand, for teh duet between Heliza and Aswad, it would have been a beautiful Asli song but it was spoilt by....again, Aswad (because he can only sing a genre song like "Rock Kapak" or Ballad Rock)................

So I am being biased...for Aswad's fan = YES but for me it's my opinion and view.............

Actually Aswad can sing but I think that he doesn't have the "intelligence" to survive in the heartless and manipulated industry..............


The Author of the blogger says....

Sabar, Dek. *wink* Kita tunggu hujung minggu nie untuk keputusannya. Harap harap keputusannya adalah yang majoritynya suka lihat, going by the comments at most blogs and Channel@15, Astro.

Kita doakan semoga yang terbaik sahaja yang akan menang, dan bukannya kerana kesian. *wink*

We need not only a good entertainer who is verstile and can carry most genre of songs, but also an entertainer with a pleasant disposition & charismatic. Good looks would definiteky be a plus point!