Monday, May 21, 2007

The irony of being second best.......

Funny that if you happen to be the Vice-president of a company or the Vice-president of a country, hardly anything is said about you. You are practically non-existent until the top person fails to do his job, or is out of the country, or could not attend to duties due to some reasons.

You are supposed to be the second most important person in the company, yet, you are not accord the same privileges as the most important person. You are, after all, only NUMBER TWO important. Same goes to when you win a competion. Winning 2nd place is as good as being number 3, or 4, or 5. In fact, at times, being any other number is better then being number two, for you are considered not good enough to be the top, yet, you are not that bad to be placed 3rd. Okay, so the prizes are different, but that is not my point.

My point is that, when you are only 2nd best in anything, people tend to easily forget about you. People will remember the 3rd best or the 4th best. In fact, even the 5th best is better remembered then the 2nd. Why do I say that?

Case is point? Heheh.....I am talking about the recently concluded AF, what else! LOL! *grin* Hmm......haven't gotten over my fever yet, huh? LOL! *wink*

Did you remember Linda from AF season 2? She's practically non-existent now, right? But, you remember Adam, right? In fact, even Farah, who only won 4th place, is getting better offers these days in terms of endorsements.

You remember Felix from Season 3? Where is he now? Amylea is slowly making her mark even though all she won was 3rd place, and Marsha, who won 4th, is making more waves than Felix. Where has Felix disappeared to?

In the 4th Season, Lotter is hardly heard of lately as compared to Farhan and Haziq, who only managed 3rd and 4th placing respectively. Haziq's duet with Rosmah, from Season 1, who never even made it to the Finals, is making its mark by already being in the charts at RADIO ERA soon after the song was released.

This Season, Ebi won 2nd place. Will he share the same fate as the other second best before him? Already it is starting to happen. I was reading Utusan Malaysia Online and Berita Harian Online today, and when I got to the news on AF 5, there was of course, plenty of news on Mila, the recently crowned champion. There were also news on Candy, Aswad and Heliza. But, where is the news on Ebi?

The press had lots of questions for Mila, which, according the the news, she answered all questions with maturity, even at the tender age of only 19. The press asked Aswad how he felt when people accused of him trying to win by sympathy votes. The media also asked Candy how she felt at winning only 5th place when she was considered as the most consistent student throughout the competition.

The press wanted to know what were Heliza's feelings at getting all sort of songs, despite wearing a head scarf, where you are expected to sing only religious type of songs. But nothing was mentioned about Ebi.

Why? Were there no questions directed to Ebi? Did the press forgot about him? Were there simply no questions worthy of a second place winner? He did not fit the bill to be asked controversial questions like Aswad, but neither was he good enough to be asked questions related to how he felt at not winning 1st place despite him being almost consistently at the top of the charts at the beginning of almost every concert. No, that question is not worthy for a second place winner. In fact, no question is worthy of being asked to Ebi, going by the fact that there were no reports on him or his feelings at winning 2nd.

Has Ebi lost his magic totally that the media has simply lost interest in him altogether? How sad. Ironic, isn't it, to be THE second best, but feels like being next to nothing? *sigh*

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