Sunday, May 27, 2007

A surprise gift!

Like I said in my earlier posting, it's been a hectic week the last two weeks or so. I felt like at times that I am hardly breathing as I rush from one meeting to the next to the next each day. Some meetings, especially for projects that have so many issues that needs to be resolved, simply leaves you mentally exhausted that I have come home unable to open my eyes in sheer exhaustion. So, last week, I was pleasantly surprised, no, make that very surprised, when I came back to my office after another stressful meeting to find a big yellow registered envelope in my IN TRAY!

What do you know? It contained the sweetest pincushion/pillow made by BJ for ME!!

I was jumping for joy! It is so sweet! Oohh! Simply love the design and I love the way BJ had put them together! And the fact that BJ did it in my favourite colour - sweet pink, complimented with soft green - made it even more so adorably cute and sweet!! I could sleep with the little pillow, but, of course, I'd get my hubby mad! LOL! *wink*

Thank you so much, BJ! Hugs!

Another surprise gift I received when I met up with BJ, Margaret and Rose on Saturday, 11th May, is a small chart and mirror set given to me by Margaret. The Spring Bouquet heart by Mill Hill is really sweet! I really need to find time to stitch this lovely piece. When? For now, I really don't know. It's going into my never ending list of things I want to stitch and do .......*sigh*


Barbara said...

You are most welcome Nik. Glad you liked it!

Lidah Penghunus said...

assalamualaikum. jemputlah ke dan