Friday, May 18, 2007

Just one more day to the Finals!

I read with interest an article in The Malay Mail today on the 5 finalists for the upcoming AF Finals to be telecast live tomorrow over Astro Ria starting from 9.00 pm.

I have to agree with most of what has been said in the article, among which stated that AF is the only reality TV show that has yet to crown a female champion since it's phenomenal entry into the entertainment industry 5 years ago. Would this year be the year that the record would finally be broken? As it is, one record has already been broken when, for the first time, the women have outnumbered the men going into the finals.

It is interesting to note that the writer, though not wanting to sound bias, hinted at who he thinks is the least deserving of the 5 to be in the finals. I couldn't have agreed with him more! *wink*

I like that he has this to say of Ebi -
"He has the package to make it, though his inconsistent showing is a cause for worry". Yup, I worry too! LOL! *wink*

He also adds that Ebi is a "serious threat to the others, and not merely an eye candy, because he was the first to have a serious hold on the top spot. While a top three finishing seems inevitable, a fair evalution would be that he deserves that".

Yup! Agree that Ebi deserves not the top three spot, but the top TWO spot, if not the TOP spot!! LOL! *grin* A fanatic, aren't I? LOL! *wink*

Of Mila, he has this to say -
"She has come far and is the only real obstacle that can stop the male champions".

Would I be bias if I say that despite Mila's talent, I would still prefer that Ebi wins, with Mila coming in second? Heliza and Candy in either of the next two positions? Eerrr.....did I forget someone? LOL! *wink*

If you think that is it just because Ebi is male that I want Ebi to win, you are wrong, because, last year I wanted Farhan to win, and was very much upset that she lost out to Faizal's medoicre talent due to Faizal's charms at bringing in the votes from the young girls and quite a number of older womenfolks who would love to have Faizal for their son-in-law. LOL! *wink*

I think that Ebi deserves to win because, though his vocals might not be as powerful as Mila's, strong vocals he still has, and he has the package to make it.

I do agree whole heartedly that among the 5, Mila has the strongest vocal talent (yeah, like as if I am an expert in vocals! LOL! *grin*), and her looks has improved a lot too since she first arrived at the Akademi 10 weeks ago. But, my gut feeling says that some folks out there are not impressed with some of her attitudes, and that might take away some of the deserving votes from her. But, then again, I could be wrong. Maybe we will have a female champion this year afterall?

But, if Ebi wins instead (secretly hoping), that would be bonus for me, and I will go to bed tomorrow night feeling satisfied and smiling.....LOL! *wink*

Something I would like to see after the concert, besides compilation albums or Best of albums from Ebi and Mila, I hope that Maestro Records will come out with a BEST OF AKADEMI FANTASIA album featuring the best performances throughout its history. I hope to see in the album, among others, memorable performances like Heliza's KESAL, Kefli's BERHENTI BERHARAP and HATI EMAS, Ebi and Mila's MY HEART, Farhan's I STILL GOT THE BLUES, Akma's Duet with Felix in Bertakhta Di Hati and Ebi's KASIHNYA LAILA and AL-JANNAH.

Oohhh! I fogot! It must also feature
Ebi's Bailamos! I think that was one sexy performance! LOL! *wink*

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