Monday, May 14, 2007

Feeling restless……………

Why? I don’t know. I just do. Sometimes you just feel that way. I have so much to do all at the same time that I end up hardly finishing anything at all because I don’t know which one to do first. I would be doing this one thing, but my mind would be on another thing. I cannot concentrate. I feel restless……

Am I already feeling the fever of the AF Final concert, it being the last one this coming weekend, that I am already experiencing withdrawal symptoms? LOL! My hubby would heave a sigh of relief when the AF season comes to an end, because then he can get his hands back on the TV remote control. LOL! Every Saturday we `fight’ over who gets to watch the TV! LOL! Of course you can guess who wins, right? *wink*

During off seasons of AF, I don’t watch much TV, prefering to indulge in my hobbies instead. I would usually just sit next to my hubby, stitching, as he watches his choice of movies or programmes. It has always been, most of the time, what he wants to watch, which I don’t mind, really, since I am not much of a TV fan except to watch CSI or House, which also happens to be my hubby’s favourite. I do, from time to time watch Law & Order, which he also enjoys watching with me. Other than that, my hubby loves watching movies and Discovery Channel whenever it features on history, his favourite subject of interest.

But, come the AF season, it’s a 'fight' to see who gets to the TV remote control first! LOL! No, just kidding! My hubby is a very understanding person, and that’s what I love him for! *grin* He knows that the AF Season only comes 3 months in a year. This might also be the last season. He knows that he will have back the control of the TV when the fever is over. He just waits patiently …………*grin*

No, it couldn’t possibly be that I am restless because I am starting to feel the withdrawal symptoms of the AF season coming to an end, although I will probably be feeling that next week when it really finally comes to an end, but not this week. *wink*

I think I am feeling restless today because tomorrow I will be reporting for duty in a different position. I am feeling anxious, a little apprehensive in fact. I don’t know what plans my Director has for me. I know that today I should actually get started on my handing over notes, but I can’t seem to concentrate. There are simply still too many things to do, to resolve, to wrap up. I don’t know where to start. Probably when I report for duty tomorrow and know what has been planned for me, probably I will feel a little bit more settled……..

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