Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's Gonna Be Me!

It sure was! It sure was Dafi that left last night! *sob* LOL! *wink* I am gonna miss seeing him at next week's concert and the finals.......

Dafi sang that song by N'Sync at last night's 8th concert. He danced beautifully. I really enjoyed his performance last night. The moves were well coordinated, and, what can I say, he was just so cute! LOL! *blush* His singing has improved a lot, even for this tone death writer! LOL! *grin*

It was sad to see him go last night. I said in my earlier entry in my blog that Dafi cannot sing, but, he has worked hard, and it shows. He might be lacking in the vocal department, but he has other trades which can make up for his lack in singing. Besides his good looks (Syafinaz once said that singing is a skill that can be acquired with practice, but, not everyone is born good looking, and as one of the critics said, it's hard being Dafi), and a charming personality, he is one good dancer! I cannot say much about the other kids that are left behind. He danced effortlessly and in tune. Each concert, I look forward to seeing him dance, and he has yet to fail me in that department. But, now, my excitement of seeing him perform weekly has been cut short by 2 weeks..........

By now, many who follows my blog, and read about my comments on the AF Concerts could tell that I am no fan of Aswad (ooops! Just by saying that is going to garner Aswad 10,000 more votes! LOL!). Yes, I am not a fan of Aswad, and to see Dafi go instead of Aswad is saddening. So, OK, I am supposed to be objective in giving out my opinions, but, sad I still am, because that is my personal feelings.

Why am I sad? Objectively speaking, yes, I agree that Aswad sings better than Dafi, no argument about that. But, can Aswad dance better than Dafi? He has yet to prove me wrong. Charms, Aswad do not have. His personality? He has yet to impress me. There are already many singers of his capabilities. The music industry is over run with singers like him. Do we need another one like him? His fans will say a big YES!

For me, I would like to see something different. I like Mila's vocals - very powerful and unique. She can carry many genres of songs, and last night was just prove of that. Heliza gave new meaning to the rock genre by singing a rock number, while still maintaining her demure character of a well-mannered muslim. Kudos to her!

Both Shawal and Ebi have vocals which are masculine, powerful and unique (one critic said that the industry is looking for people with vocals like Shawal), though in the last few concerts, Ebi struggled to get back his magic, after a powerful performance through his impressive rendition of KASIHNYA LAILA at the 4th concert. I hope this coming week, Ebi will get a song that will once again prove that he has got it to make it to the finals.

Although I am no fan of Candy, I cannot deny the fact that she can sing most songs effortlessly. She will have my vote anytime as compared to Aswad.

There are only six kids left, and another concert to eliminate just one more talent before going into the finals. Think! Among the 6 that are left behind, who is the least talented? Who will be the sacrifice to leave next week in place of someone who is getting votes through sympathy?

Who will you vote to be the eventual winner? Who has got the unique vocals to make it into the music industry which is getting more competitive by the day? Who has got the looks that can charm the general public into wanting to buy their albums, and wanting to hear their songs day in day out without getting bored? Who can dance in tune effortlessly, making kids even as young as 3 years old, wanting to do the same dance steps? Who has got the personality to make it into the industry which is always faced with strong critisms even for the simplest of mistakes? Who? Think! If you have been following my blog, you would know what my answer would be! LOL! *wink*

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Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

You've been tagged!! Come to my web page not blogger.

Za said...

Comment sent via email to Za -

I totally agree with ur view about Dafi. His vocals can be polished through the learning process, but with his charm, add to that, a well mannered person, really help to make people like him due to his "Baek Punyer Budak ". He can dance according to the movement and looks sharp and beautiful......Sad to see him leave because if he were to make it to the finals, he could have been the " penyeri " for the finale.........anyway, I wish him all the best in the real world walaupun I kata dia tak boleh pergi jauh pada minggu ke 3 but he has improved from week to week esp minggu ke 7 with " Joget Angan Tak Sudah ".................LOL..Am I being a fanatic fan? (The author of the blog says YES! LOL! *wink*)........No, I am not. I am just be rationale................