Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bagged it!

My sewing bag I made in my sewing class at Quilt Gallery is done! Take a look!

I had fun sewing it up, though I broke the sewing machine needle in the process when I sew over the zipper! LOL!

I now have a better idea how to make this type of bag, though my initial design was a lot different, but somehow, the design changed as I started on the bag. I think Gill had something to do with the end result of the bag. She kept showing me samples of this bag and that bag that I had to incorporate some of the ideas into my bag! LOL!

I still plan to do up the bag I had initially designed and planned to do, but, I will have to do it on my own time. For now, I am very happy with my newly completed bag! So happy with what I have learned that I have actually signed up for another bag class! LOL! This time, the bag is going to be more like a shopping bag before I move onto bags that will look nice enough to pass on as an evening bag,….heheh…IF, I get through my second bag. *grin*

Here’s the fabric for the second bag. I will need to wash and iron it first before class. Hope to start on it next Saturday. Keep a look out! *wink*

A little progress report on my Sisterhood Stitching (SHS), I have started on the house already, and it seems to be taking me ages to get it done! The use of the same colour for a large portion of the house really gets to you after a while that I had to take many breaks and work on other portions of the chart to ease my boredom, but it’s nicely taking shape.

For the alphabets at the bottom of the chart, instead of using DMC as called for in the chart, I decided to try out my something different instead, and used Caron Collection 085 Antique Brass Wildflower threads for the upper case alphabets and used Needle Odyssey’s Dip & Twist DTN012 for the lower case alphabets.

I think I like the effects of the D&T more than that of Caron, because D&T is brighter, and further more, using Caron on aida, it tends to rub against the stiffness of the aida that after a while, the thread tends to get fluffy. Still, I like the way the colours of both threads changes subtly across the alphabets.

I am running out of time for this piece as each one of us has 3 weeks to complete it before we pass on the chart to the next stitcher in line. I am not even 50% complete, I think. I will have to work on it more and faster. I need to spend less time on the computer and get down to stitching!! LOL!


Barbara said...

Great looking bag...a little small for a stitching bag I think but it'll work well for small to medium sized projects am sure.

I think you're doing great with the SHS.

Yasmin said...

Nice bag. Congrats!

Ying Pang, said...

You are talented, learning all kind of crafts!!:-)

I have tagged you, please check my blog:-)

... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

i guess that this coming raya, me and ma would fall short of expecting you to make us a bag each. I want mine in black and white please...