Friday, September 28, 2007

In the mood for bookmarks

Among the stash I bought at Spotlight on my recent trip to Singapore was a book of charts on bookmarks by the American School of Needlework titled Bookmark Greetings. The minute I saw the book I know I had to buy it! In the book contains three charts that I want to stitch for 3 close friends.

At NNC, we have always poked fun at Emily *wink* when it comes to food, especially ice-creams, so, I thought how appropriate this bookmark of an ice-cream sundae with chocolate fudge topping, whipped cream and cherry would be for Emily. Yum! Sounds delicious! Further more, Emily loves to read and she has formed a book crossing group online.

It did not take me long to stitch the bookmark. What took longer was putting it together to make it into a bookmark, because this is the first time I am doing up a bookmark this way. Usually I would sew a lace aound the egdes of the bookmark and iron on interafcing at the back. But, I thought I'd do something a little bit different this time around. Not bad, huh? *wink*

The second bookmark I did is for Margaret who is into tea and coffee. So, this bookmark should be appropriate for her. I took even a shorter time stitching this one up. I think it took me only 4 days, as part of it was stithed in the car while waiting to pick up my son in school.

Yeah, I had to get to his school early if I don't want to end up double parking and risk being given a summon by the police. I didn't want to waste any time, and so out came my stitching as soon as I managed to get a good parking spot. *grin*

I am in the midst of stitching a 3rd bookmark for another friend. I am not telling who she is just yet. *wink* I hope to surprise her when I send it out to her. But, for now, the bookmark has taken a back seat as I concentrate on my SHS.


Barbara said...

That's a creative way to finish the bookmarks. Yeap it's nice alrighty :)

yoonie at home said...

Hi! Nik! Welcome to the Bag Club! Once you start, you'll keep on going!!! Nice work on the bookmarks!!!