Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It feels so good................

Yesterday I took the day off to run some errands, pick up my son from school and do some stitching and make up some cards for a card swap I am doing at Stamping Addict.

Despite feeling guilty initially for being on leave because work in the office is never ending, it feels good towards the end of the day when you realised how much more housework gets done when you are at home for a longer period of time.

Eventhough it was already a public holiday on Friday, coupled with the Saturday/Sunday weekend, but I was hardly at home the last 2 days due to family commitments (Aiman's art class on Saturday, and took my sis who came from Kota Bharu for lunch and some shopping on Sunday). On Friday, as usual, its a day for the clothes to be washed, folded, sorted out to be ironed, meals to be prepared, the fridge to be cleared out of any leftovers from the days before, if any, and a 1001 other things that a wife do on weekends. Usually, the husbands will ask, "what did you do today, honey?", or, "What are your plans for today, sweetheart?". Men! They always think that we just stay home and watch TV like them! LOL! *wink*

I am pleased that the house looks much more organised yesterday because I have more time to get things done and organized, and still have time to spend on my hobbies. What is more important is that I have more time to spend with my son as I pick him up from school instead of him taking the bus to my in-laws place, and I get to see him only in the late evening when my hubby picks him up from his mum's place. By then, usually, it's a mad rush to get dinner ready, have dinner, see to his homework and get his school things ready for the next day. Ended up, I would be shouting at him at times to get him to hurry up eating or do his homework, because I have so much to do but he has so much to tell me. *sad* Yesterday, my son and I had a good chat about what he did in school yesterday, including what he had for lunch, on the drive home.

It feels good! I think you tend to be more productive too coming back to work, after a well rested weekend or break/leave from work, despite having to do housework, because that JOB is never done! LOL!

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