Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Works In Progress Report

It's that week again. How time flies so fast, and I have not progressed much from the last time I posted about my stitching progress just two weeks ago.

I was busy doing up the Artist Trading Card (ATC), Getting TO Know You (GTKY) card and Partner, Image and Envelope (PIE) Swap for an exchange at Stamping Addict due before the end of the month. I wanted to get it out of the way so that I can concentrate on others things, instead of having those exchanges hovering over my head. I was also busy creating a card using the items sent by Ying for the Needles n' Craft Challenge (NNCC) organised by Ying. That's done too and is already on the way to Lillie, my partner. I hope the ATCs, the GTKY card and the PIE Swap will all arrive safely as they are all going overseas. I am also hoping that Lillie would receive the simple card I made for her safely too. I will not be able to rest until everything arrive at their destiantions, which I hope, will be soon.

The mini burgundy cards you see here (above) are the ATCs, while the two cards are the GTKY. One has gone out - the brown one, while the blue one will be going out next month for next month's swap, but I decided to do them together while my creative juice was flowing! LOL!

I will put up a photo of the NNCC card I made for Lillie when she receives it.

On the stitching front, this is my little progress on the DT Game Board Sampler (DTGBS). Not much, huh? *sigh* Time is so limited these days. I come home in a mad rush to get food ready for the break of fast. By the time that is done, I am simply too tired to pick up the needle, especially during the fasting month when I am lacking in sleep.

By the way, the pincushion you see next to the DTGBS was given to me by Lene more than a two years ago in one of the exchanges organised at MYS some time back.

Today I received the chart, House of a Needleworker by Little Needle House, kindly offered by Jean, for the Sisterhood Stitching (SHS) currently being organised at NNC. I have 3 weeks to complete it before I have to pass it on to the next person in the rotation. This being the case, I probably won't be working on the DTGBS anymore until I get the SHS done and over with. I do so enjoy stitching the mini houses, and seeing them being `built' with your needle. Small achievements which makes up into a big achievemnt. Maybe the break would do me good. Like the LDSAL, I might come back to work on it with more enthusiasm and get it done faster. *wink*

Until then, it's the SHS for my current project.


Barbara said...

The cards are so adorable! Yeap, your creative juice were definitely flowing!!

I think you're doing great on SGB. You've 'built', so many houses already :)

Happy stitching on the SHS!

Lillie said...

Loved the cards here..the red ones are so adorable. Happy stitching the SHS :)