Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Red Needles n' Craft Card Challenge

That was quick! I am surprised but glad. Yup, my card to Lillie sent on Tuesday, 18th September, was received by Lillie today. I can now heave a sigh of relief for this item. 5 more items to go which I sent on the same day. However, for some reason I still need to find out, my registered mail to Emily got returned to me today.

Could I have got the address wrong? I am glad that I had written my address on the envelope, so the item could safely be returned to me. I wouldn't know what will happen to it had I not written my addie on the envelope. I shudder to find out, since I had put in quite an effort to make the little item for Emily. It was supposed to be a surprise, but, I guess now Emily knows something was coming her way, since I had to ask her for her latest addie, assuming that it was the addie that I got wrong. It couldn't possibly be shortage of stamps since the postal clerk had weight the item for me. Well, I just hope my secong attempt to mail it out again next week will arrive to her safe;y.

In the mean time, here's the card I made for Lillie.

I have a feeling when Ying came up with the idea to organise the NNCC, it was to see how many possibilities one can come up with by using very limited resourses, with specific items in only one specific colour.

You will be surprised at how many creative ways one can create a card by using the same items. It challenges you to extend your creativity and make you think out of the box.

When I was doing up mine, because of the limitation (not that I am saying Ying should send me more things, of course not) of the things I had in hand, I had to get real creative to come up with a design. It forced me to try out something I have never tried before when I have loads of things to play with. It's a good challenge.

Thanks, Ying, for organising this challenge.


Barbara said...

Your card to Lillie is so professionally done. Mine sure pales by comparison! Very brilliant idea!

Lillie said...

Thank you Nik, the card is indeed beautiful and no doubt, very professionally done.

Oops..sorry partner, looks like its beauty (yours) and the beast (mine)

Ying Pang, said...

Well done Nik. Every time I look at this card, I need to praise you as a neat cardmaker!