Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's done! It's done! It's done!

It's done? It is? Really? I'd better check again to make before I start doing a happy dance!

Yup! Yippeee!! It's done! It's done! It's done! My Long Dog Mystery Sampler is finally done after four and a half months of working on it, with short breaks in between! It feels great, especially this being quite a big piece. I must give myself a pat on the back! LOL! *wink*

I had enjoyed doing this piece, although there were times that I was just plodding on, not because I was bored of the piece. It was too colourful to bore me, but, more because I was starting to get distracted by other designs I wanted to do, but, did not want to put this LDSAL down for fear that it might become a UFO (Unfinished Object) like so many of my other projects. So, I plodded on, though slow, just to make progress.

There was a time when I was starting to make mistakes in my anxiety to finish up the piece. BJ suggested that I give it a break, and come back to it when I am feeling less anxious. I took that suggestion, and on my trip to Singapore recently, eventhough I took the LDSAL with me, I did not touch it at all. Instead, I worked on the Cheryl's Bouquet. When I came back from Singapore, I started on 3 mini projects -a biscornu and two bookmarks. I completed the biscornu in a week, and the first bookmark a week later. I just completed the 2nd bookmark this morning. Yipee! Another reason for a happy dance!

I also started on another mini project which I will report separately as this piece is special and has certain significance to me.......*wink*

I think the break from the LDSAL did it. I came back to work on the LDSAL again last night, refreshed, when BJ asked us at NNC if we would like to bring it to a close this weekend. I thought I had a lot more to do, but, it seems that even though I was just plodding on to make progress, I had actually acomplished quite a lot already at the time I took a break from it!

At 10.45 pm last night, I put in the last stitch by stitching the month and year the piece was completed at the botttom right hand corner of the piece. That way, in years to come, my son can say that his mummy completed this piece X years ago. Who knows, it might just become a heirloom piece!

On another note, I am just showing off the magnifying glass or flexilens I bought from Jean a month ago, which I personally picked up when I went to Singapore recently. A good buy, in my opinion, for this old eyes. It's supposed to be magnifying my stitching piece so that I can see the holes better, but, instead I am magnifying my chart since I stitch without my glasses, and trying to focus back and forth between the chart and the stitching piece was starting to get more difficult with this aging eyes. Wait! Did I say aging eyes? Did I just admited to being old? LOL! *grin*


Barbara said...

Oh my!! Oh my!! Congratulations Nik!! Yes you must give yourself a pat at the back!! You deserve it. You've done a great job!

janet C said...

Well done Nik!

jean said...

It's breathtaking, Nik! Congratulations!

Ying Pang, said...

Congratulations Nik !! I know nothing about stitching , but when I saw your masterpiece, I just thought you are really GREAT !!!!!! Congratulations agian and Well Done !!

Rose said...

Congrats Nik on the LDSAL finish. I'm still sruggling along. Lost my enthusiasm to finish it. BTW am posting my comments cos I cudn't post anything on the group mail. Yahoo acting up again.