Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finally, a start........

Friends at NNC have been encouraging to try out linen for some time already for they say that once I start on it, I might never want to work on aida anymore.

I have been putting it off since the tiny holes in the linen looks too intimidating for me. I just want to enjoy my hobby without having to end up with a headche. Working on aida is a breeze (if there are no 1/4 stitches) which I can even do while watching TV, and I can stitch stitches that are far apart because counting the holes are easy.

I have worked on evenweaves before as an alternative to working on linen if the design calls for 1/4 stitches or specialty stitches. I like working on evenweaves because my stitches comes out nice and square, just like on aida, as opposed to slightly rectangular stitches if working on linen due to the uneveness of the linen, and doing the 1/4 stitches or specialty stitches is a breeze, well, almost, a breeze, on evenweaves.

Recently, when I ordered some evenweaves from Jean, she gave me a small piece of linen to encourage me to try out linen. Thanks, Jean! So now, with the gift, I no longer have an excuse not to try it out, right? LOL!

Actually, I have tried out linen before for the Victoria Sampler cyberclass I took a year ago, but never completed it, when the project proved too daunting for me. But, since Jean had already gifted me a piece of linen, I thought that I at least had to apprciate Jean's gift and give it another attempt.

So, after much contemplation, I chose a simple design and gave it a go. So far, so good. *smile* This is a simple design by DMC stitched using Anchor 1305 multicolour thread. It's coming on nicely, don't you think so? *wink*

Ask me if I want to only stitch on linen from now on? My answer for now would still be a `No'. Aida, anytime for me for a relaxing hobby! But, I would go for evenweaves for charts that call for 1/4 stitches or specialty stitches.

However, I will not stop at this project to work on linen. I might still try out small and easy projects to work on linen so that I don't get too intimidated by the tiny holes. Once I have gained more confidence, who knows, I might actually say that I might never want to work on aida anymore! LOL! *wink* But, wait, I have loads of aidas before that to finish off first before I come to that decision! *grin* Also, I need to get back to the Victoria Sampler cyberclass project I started a year ago.

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