Sunday, November 25, 2007

Crocheting, stitching and sewing.....

Each time I look at the beautiful works of Faizon, it makes me want to crochet! LOL!

Faizon is a very talented lady and testament to that can be seen in all works at her blog. She does really very fine tatting and crochet work, and I can't help being in awe of her works each time I look at them. Each time I look at her works, it would inspire me to try out something new. *smile*

So, when I saw such lovely snowflake pieces during the recent NNC Anniversary Meet and also Anna's sweet set of coasters, I knew I had to do some crocheting to see if I can come up with the very same fine work. Of course, my work is a far cry from Faizon's very fine works, but still, it did not deter me from starting on a small crocheted doily.

This crochet piece will be my 'in front of TV' piece as I do not need to look at the chart that often. I have a piece for my travels - the CCN Ice Sundae, and a piece for stitching at home, but not in front of the TV, and that is my Drawn Thread (DT) Gameboard Sampler.

I think I pretty much got things planned for the next few weeks in terms of keeping my craft going. Only now, I want to try and fit in to do a few more bags, a pouch and maybe another thread catcher.

Yeap! I just learned how to do a thread catcher from Jo yesterday. I am so pleased with the results, but I can't put up photos of it yet until I have completed my pincushion as I plan to change the shape of the pincushion from rectangular as in Jo's original design to one in the shape of a square to suit my sitting platform. Keep a lookout for the posting with photos of my thread catcher, OK? *wink*

BTW, Jo, thanks for taking time to teach us (June and I) how to do the thread catcher. I sure appreciate it. Can we do more projects together in the future? *wink*

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