Saturday, November 24, 2007

Got a job?

You think you could consider offering it to Aiman? He wants a job! LOL! *grin*

Aiman wants to make money to buy himself a transformer toy. I told him I won't be buying him any more toys since his present toys are still good. If he still wants a new toy, he would have to earn it by coming up with the amount himself, and the amount is? RM49.90.

He spent almost all night last night trying to figure out how to come up with the amount, all the while looking longingly at the Toys'R Us catalogue that dropped into our mailbox last evening. He actually did not bother about what was showing on TV last night as he was engrossed in his thoughts to figure out a way to make money.

After a few hours, he went to our loose coin caddy and started counting. He had trouble initially counting because he kept losing his count as the amount got bigger. It was only when I showed him how to count by putting aside ringgit by ringgit did he finally figured out the amount in the caddy - a mere RM5.05. He sat there thinking before he disapperaed for while and came back with more 10sen and 1sen coins. When I asked him where he get the coins from, he said they were coins left on Tokmi's dressing table and my dressing table. *grin*

Next, he asked me if he could see my purse. I told him I am not giving him any money. He sat there thinking again and he was deep in thought, when he finally asked me how he can come up with the balance amount.

I told him he can earn it by doing things for mummy and abah, which is not part of his everyday chores. I am not about to teach him that he can make money by doing chores, because I do not want it to be a habit that he will only be willing to do his chores if he gets paid.

Aiman has always had trouble finishing his meals. On certain days it takes him close to an hour just to finish a simply meal of fish and chips or rice and it's accopaniment. So, I told him that from tomorrow (today) onwards, each time he finishes his meal before mummy and abah, I will give me 50sen. He went like, "ooohhh! That's RM1.50 a day!". LOL! *grin*

Still, that was not enough for him to make the RM49.90 he needed in the time that he wanted to buy the toy (he wants to buy the toy next week so that he can play with it with his cousins at Tokmama's house).

All of a sudden, as I was putting him to bed, he came with this brilliant idea to have a yard sale where he could sell his old toys so that he can buy the transformer. When I asked him who is going to buy his toys, he said that he can sell Barbie dolls to Rini and Kak Ida (his cousins). I told him that he has no Barbie doll! "Oopps!", he said! LOL!

He said never mind, tomorrow morning he will ask abah for a job. *grin*

Abah's job for him today? To look out for the old newspaper guy and sell off the old newspaper. If he succeeds, all monies from the sale will go half to his Yippee bank (piggy bank), and half will be added to his collection for the purchase of his transformer. I have heard the old newspaer guy twice already this morning but Aiman has been so engrossed in the catalogue that he has yet to realised that he had missed the guy.

BTW, he finished his meal way ahead of us today *grin*, so I gave him 50sen. I also gave him RM10.00 which was an overdue reward to him for completing 30 days of fasting during the month of Ramadhan. RM5.00 has gone into his Yippee bank, and the other RM5.00 has been added to his collection. That was the deal. He now has RM12.40. He needs another RM37.50. The story continues........

He is now downstairs still engrossed in the catalogue......


Barbara said...

Aiman is a entrepreneur already? Sorry no vacancies here :(

... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

I have a job for him... he can have RM5 if he can come here and play with Miki today. Another RM32.50 is if he can teach Miki how to read his ABC. You think you can arrange that?

ShannyK-L said...

That is a cool way to let him finish his meals! hehehehe.... Its good to teach young children the value of money and that parents aren't mare money printers! ;)