Saturday, November 10, 2007

A slice of cake, anyone?

I received a really sweet and lovely hostess gift from Mel that came in my favorite colour - PINK! The box is really sweet, and the things inside it were even sweeter! I just couldn't help looking at it, holding it and admiring the work put into it, and the talent that Mel has, to come up with such lovely items.

I especially like the slice of cake pincushion. It gave me inspiration to try to make one myself, and I did not do one, but 4 pincushions! LOL! I made two slice of cake pincushions, and, craving for more, I browsed the internet and chanced upon this site - - and I ended up making two more round/barrel like pincushions!

My hubby thought that they look like real cakes too! That must be a compliment, coming from him! LOL! *wink*

Now that is what I call pincushion crazy! *grin*

BTW, notice the red flower on the second cake slice pincushion? That's a yoyo flower I made after buying the template at Sakura Sewing shop in SS19, Subang Jaya recently.


Barbara said...

You are certified pincushion mad!! They are so so gorgeous!

Janet C said...

Yummy! yummy!

Ratna said...

Lovely.... I think the pincushion making bug is contagious.. Ouch!!

- Azie - said...

that cake looks really yummmyyyyyyyy... !!!