Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a great show!

Move over Beyonce, welcome the talents of Sri KDU Primary School!

Yeah, in my humble opinion, it was not a loss at all to Malaysians when Beyonce decided not to perform in Malaysia recently, because she refused to adhere to Malaysia's dress code to cover up. If Gwen Stefani can make changes to her wardrobe, I can't see why Beyonce can't. If she can't make changes to her wardrobe so that she can perform in Malaysia in appreciation of her fans here in Malaysia, than she is not worth idolising, not that I was ever interested in her in the first place. I can't say if I know any of her songs. Maybe her songs just aren't my cup of tea, and neither are her dressings.

If you want to see talents that will keep you entertained for almost 3 hours, attend one of your kid's concerts, and you will not be disappointed. No revealing clothes, and yet, everyone had a great time! Sure, I might be biased, but, I can bet with you that you will have a great time too if you were there to see it for yourself.

We had a very entertaining time at Aiman's school concert recently, held, for some reason, right smack in the middle of the week, forcing me to take leave, despite having a very important meeting at work. Families always takes priority, and I wouldn't want to miss Aiman's concert for anything.

A short speech by the principal kicked off the concert at precisely 9.45 am. The hall was packed to the brim with proud parents eagerly awaiting their kids to perform, snapping photos non-stop. At the rate the cameras were flashing, you'd think you were at a concert of a great celebrity! LOL! And they were! At least to the proud parents. I shed a tear or two and had to swallow my saliva several times during the concert, especially during Aiman's Dikir Puteri, as I watched the kids perform, as I was overcomed with feelings of excitement and pride.

In my excitement to take as many photos of Aiman as possible for keepsake, I did not actually get to appreciate the Dikir Puteri in total, but my hubby managed to take a video of the performance which I watched again and again, each time, with more pride.

This Primary 3 boy did a break dance that got the whole hall clapping in excitement, almost bringing the roof down. Would Beyonce have been able to do this and still look cute? LOL! *wink*

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