Saturday, November 10, 2007

Such lovely gifts!

I received so many lovely gifts during the NNC Anniversary Meet held recently, saying thank you is just simply not enough!

First and foremost, I received a lovely tatted bookmark from Faizon, a crocheted bookmark from Usha, a wrist pincushion from June, and an oblong hanging ornament from Margaret. I also received some very lovely hostess gifts from Usha (another crochet piece), a Dimensions piece from June, and some lovely DMC frames from Emily.

Mel gave me a really sweet pink set of hostess gifts in a pink box consisting of a pincuhsion and a small pouch/bag
(will elaborate more on this lovely gift in a later posting), and I got 2 magazines from Lody.

For the Anniversary Gift Exchange, as luck would have it, I received 2 crocheted pieces from Usha to complete my earlier crocheted pieces I have been receiveing from Usha in several other exchanges done throughout the year. My house is now furnished with quite a few of Usha's lovely pieces! *smile* It's like a complete set, almost! Now to get some coasters from Usha to match! *wink*

Thank you, ladies, for all the lovely, lovely gifts! I love them all!

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June said...

That's sure some treasures you have there, Nik. Some so yummy enough to eat.