Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A productive week

No, I am not talking about last week, but the week before that - the week of Deepavali. The week that I took my son out on an all day outing.

It was a good break for me and the weekend had been quite a productive one for me. Apart from taking my son out on a all day outing, a stay at a hotel in town, I managed to complete two bags, 4 pincushions (1 was done before the Deepavali holidays), finished my small linen piece, almost nearing completion on a bookmark, worked a little on the DT SGB and started on another small-medium size project - CCN Ice Cream Sundae.

Yup! I finally completed my small line piece! I think I deserve a pat on the back for finally attempting to stitch on linen and completing it *wink* , thus joining the pack of linen stitchers, though I can't say I am a linen lover! LOL! Aida anytime, and evenweave on some occassions. Linen only when I really need to! LOL! *wink*

My eyes went bonkers on some nights when I was stitching this in the hotel room in Terengganu as the lighting in the hotel is definitely not condusive for stitching.

Anyway, I must once again thank Jean for gifting me the linen piece. I am sure it will not be the first and last time I will stitch on linen, though it won't be too often. It will definitely have to depend on the designs I choose and the purpose.

Back to my new project, I know I should finish my bookmark first before venturing on another project, but since I travel a lot, and the bookmark is almost completed, I needed a project that will sustain me on my travels and not bore me to death! LOL! The Country Cottage Ice-Cream Sundae (CCN ICS) is an easy project since there are no backstitching, and the size, though bigger than most of my travelling projects, isn't too big anyway. It is kind of longish - height wise. Only, I have to carry more threads as it calls for more colours. However, I like the colours of the CCN ICS. Stitching it is a joy so far.

This will probably remain as my travelling and lunch time stitching, as I hope to stitch more on my DT SGB when I am at home. I also want to try to do more pincushions. I hope Mel will put up her tutorials soon so that I can master the technic of the pincushions better. *smile*

On the bags, I finally can put up the photos now that I have finally hand delivered the bags to my mum and sis last Sunday, 18 November. I just hope they like it, if not love them! *wink*

The first bag in green and yellow is for my mum. I made it quite similar to the purple shopping bag I made for myself with a change in the position of the pocket and added a ribbon. I did not embellish the bag much because I needed to complete the bag in a hurry as I wanted to give it to my mum when she was in town last weekend. I wanted her to be able to take it shopping with her when she goes travelling. I hope it will serves its purpose in life and give my mum many hours of happy shopping time, filling the bag to the brim.

The second bag in black and white is for my sis. She, being a lawyer, had hinted that she wanted a black and white bag. I take it, that it is so that she can take it to court. I hope so. I hope that I had been able to fulfill her requirements. I hope the bag too will see many days in court to win cases. *wink* I hope you like it, sis!

By the way, both bags are reversible. The inside of the green and yellow bag is all yellow with a pocket too, while the black and white bag is all white on the inside, also with a single pocket.


... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

I absolutely LOVED IT.... Thanks a zillion sis for the lovely B&W document bag though I actually used it as my handbag. I was hoping that you could actually put your initials on it and maybe we could start some business... and become as rich as Aigner.

... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

I especially loved the hidden pocket inside and outside... Clever and innovative...

B&W cos thats the only colour I actually end up wearing...

eli said...

hey I'm yr sis too ;) and my favorite color is... no just kidding! Those are lovely bags. I agree with K Lin you shud start selling yr aznique brand.. heheh

Barbara said...

Great bags, very creative colours too!

Nice stitching on the linen and you must love all those pinks in the CCN :)

janet c said...

Congrats on all the finishing you manage to put in :)

Datin Nik Zaharah said...

I love it very much. I can conveniently put my handbag inside it. Fantastic for travelling.Thanks nun.I love you so much.your mum.

yoonie at home said...

Hi! Nik, Love all the bags. I tagged you, so come visit my blog for details.