Sunday, May 27, 2007

A surprise gift!

Like I said in my earlier posting, it's been a hectic week the last two weeks or so. I felt like at times that I am hardly breathing as I rush from one meeting to the next to the next each day. Some meetings, especially for projects that have so many issues that needs to be resolved, simply leaves you mentally exhausted that I have come home unable to open my eyes in sheer exhaustion. So, last week, I was pleasantly surprised, no, make that very surprised, when I came back to my office after another stressful meeting to find a big yellow registered envelope in my IN TRAY!

What do you know? It contained the sweetest pincushion/pillow made by BJ for ME!!

I was jumping for joy! It is so sweet! Oohh! Simply love the design and I love the way BJ had put them together! And the fact that BJ did it in my favourite colour - sweet pink, complimented with soft green - made it even more so adorably cute and sweet!! I could sleep with the little pillow, but, of course, I'd get my hubby mad! LOL! *wink*

Thank you so much, BJ! Hugs!

Another surprise gift I received when I met up with BJ, Margaret and Rose on Saturday, 11th May, is a small chart and mirror set given to me by Margaret. The Spring Bouquet heart by Mill Hill is really sweet! I really need to find time to stitch this lovely piece. When? For now, I really don't know. It's going into my never ending list of things I want to stitch and do .......*sigh*

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Some stitching..........

It's been a long time, in fact, a very long time since I did any updating or reporting on my stitching progress. A lot of things has happened over the last three weeks or so. For one, I have been very preoccupied with things at work concerning projects I am involved in. I have meetings back to back trying to solve problems and trying to wrap things up for some of the projects which I will have to start handing over to my successor once I fully step into my new position soon.

Prior to that, I can't help but get myself all hyped up over the reality show, Akademi Fantasia Season 5, which finally concluded last weekend. LOL! I am glad that's over! Phew! If not, every Saturday night I would start getting all excited as the show is about to start! Talk about being obsessed! LOL! *grin*

Call me whatever, but, it is good to be able to share my thoughts and feelings with other people, regardless of whether they agree with me or not. It is, after all, only my personal opinion. Everyone has different opinion of things. Like my stitching, some people can appreciate it, some don't. The world is full of so many types of people, yet there is always place for just one more.

Ok, back to my report on my stitching, first up is a flatfold cum notebook I made for BJ. Earlier in the year, at NNC, we had a Flatfold SAL. I had mine done some time back already, but I did not post any photos of it despite the dateline for posting photos of the finished product was long overdue. You see, I wanted it to be a surprise birthday present for BJ. So, naturally I could not post photos of the flatfold until BJ had safely received it. I meant to mail it out, and honestly, BJ, I was really busy that I simply could not find the time to mail it out. But, since we had planned to meet up the week of your birthday, then things just simply fell into place! *grin*

Anyway, instead of the flatfold being simply an ornamental piece, I decided to make it into a 2-in-1 thing where it could also double up as a notebook, since I knew that BJ is into putting down everything she does into her tatted binded book she showed me when we first met at Seri Melaka early in the year. Even before she showed me her notebook, I already had in mind what I wanted to make for her birthday, because, prior to that, she was talking about coming up with a notebook to put down her thoughts on her stitching pieces. So, here it is, safely in the hands of who it was finally meant for.

I really enjoyed stitching the design, which, by the way, is an EMS Garden design alphabet freebie she gave out at her site some time back. I also enjoyed it even more making it up into a book which I hope BJ will be able to use it to its fullest!

Next up is a pincushion which I made for Margaret. Margaret had, some time back, told me that she is crazy for pincushions. So, I decided that I would stitch her a pincushion one day as a token of appreciation for all the help and support that she had given me all this while.

I had no intention of doing up such a big one actually. It just happend one day when I went shopping at SSF Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and chanced upon this wooden miniature table in red. Immediately it gave me an idea the size of pincushion that I was going to be making for MW.

I remembered that MW said that she wanted to do a pincushion that is the biggest ever. So, I thought I'd surprise her by making her a big one too, hopefully to match the big one that she is planning to make one for herself. Looks like, for the moment *wink*, at 5"x5", this is the BIGGEST pincushion Margaret has in her collection thus far, and the biggest I have made so far! LOL! See if you can beat that one, MW! LOL! *wink*

Finally, here is a photo of my progress on the Long Dog Mystery Sampler SAL we are currently doing at NNC. I hope to finish the last bottom row this weekend, but, going by the rate that I am working on this piece, it does not look like it's going to happen. *sigh*

BTW, Sanguine Store is currently conducting a stitching competition employing Carrie's Thread.

For more information, please visit:

Registration ends on 31st May 2007.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The irony of being second best.......

Funny that if you happen to be the Vice-president of a company or the Vice-president of a country, hardly anything is said about you. You are practically non-existent until the top person fails to do his job, or is out of the country, or could not attend to duties due to some reasons.

You are supposed to be the second most important person in the company, yet, you are not accord the same privileges as the most important person. You are, after all, only NUMBER TWO important. Same goes to when you win a competion. Winning 2nd place is as good as being number 3, or 4, or 5. In fact, at times, being any other number is better then being number two, for you are considered not good enough to be the top, yet, you are not that bad to be placed 3rd. Okay, so the prizes are different, but that is not my point.

My point is that, when you are only 2nd best in anything, people tend to easily forget about you. People will remember the 3rd best or the 4th best. In fact, even the 5th best is better remembered then the 2nd. Why do I say that?

Case is point? Heheh.....I am talking about the recently concluded AF, what else! LOL! *grin* Hmm......haven't gotten over my fever yet, huh? LOL! *wink*

Did you remember Linda from AF season 2? She's practically non-existent now, right? But, you remember Adam, right? In fact, even Farah, who only won 4th place, is getting better offers these days in terms of endorsements.

You remember Felix from Season 3? Where is he now? Amylea is slowly making her mark even though all she won was 3rd place, and Marsha, who won 4th, is making more waves than Felix. Where has Felix disappeared to?

In the 4th Season, Lotter is hardly heard of lately as compared to Farhan and Haziq, who only managed 3rd and 4th placing respectively. Haziq's duet with Rosmah, from Season 1, who never even made it to the Finals, is making its mark by already being in the charts at RADIO ERA soon after the song was released.

This Season, Ebi won 2nd place. Will he share the same fate as the other second best before him? Already it is starting to happen. I was reading Utusan Malaysia Online and Berita Harian Online today, and when I got to the news on AF 5, there was of course, plenty of news on Mila, the recently crowned champion. There were also news on Candy, Aswad and Heliza. But, where is the news on Ebi?

The press had lots of questions for Mila, which, according the the news, she answered all questions with maturity, even at the tender age of only 19. The press asked Aswad how he felt when people accused of him trying to win by sympathy votes. The media also asked Candy how she felt at winning only 5th place when she was considered as the most consistent student throughout the competition.

The press wanted to know what were Heliza's feelings at getting all sort of songs, despite wearing a head scarf, where you are expected to sing only religious type of songs. But nothing was mentioned about Ebi.

Why? Were there no questions directed to Ebi? Did the press forgot about him? Were there simply no questions worthy of a second place winner? He did not fit the bill to be asked controversial questions like Aswad, but neither was he good enough to be asked questions related to how he felt at not winning 1st place despite him being almost consistently at the top of the charts at the beginning of almost every concert. No, that question is not worthy for a second place winner. In fact, no question is worthy of being asked to Ebi, going by the fact that there were no reports on him or his feelings at winning 2nd.

Has Ebi lost his magic totally that the media has simply lost interest in him altogether? How sad. Ironic, isn't it, to be THE second best, but feels like being next to nothing? *sigh*

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A BIG Letdown

No, not Mila, but Ebi! I am a little disappointed. No, make that very disappointed!

Am I not happy that Mila won first place and Ebi second? Yes, I am, but I am also very very disappointed with both of Ebi's performances last night. I know he can do better than what he had performed at last night's concerts. He has proven to us many times that he has what it takes to be a good performer and entertainer. Did he not, with his rendition of Bailamos, Al-Jannah, Kasihnya Laila, Kisah Kau dan Aku, Bukan Diriku and My Heart? He has the voice, the height, the looks. He has the package, but last night he lost his magic once again when he couldn't get the feel for his original song, Sinar Cinta, and he overdid it in Farhana. Farhana could have been a killer song, but Ebi almost killed the song. If only he had just sang Farhana without all the gimmicks. If only he had just sang Farhana in it's simplicity, I think it would have worked better for him. If only........

He tried too hard to impress by doing up all the gimmicks in Farhana, but he under did it for his Sinar Cinta when he simply couldn't get the feel for the love song.

The song, Sinar Cinta, is nothing to shout about, at least in my humble opinion. I expected a far better song from M. Nasir, him being known as THE SIFU. No, I am not blaming the song just because Ebi did below expectation at last night’s concert, that it failed to get him into the top spot. In fact, I told a friend that Ebi’s song is a cause for concern when I heard the melody the first time around, and that was even before Ebi sang it. I noticed that the song is simply too simple for a song that is to be sung by someone trying to win a singing competition. I think that it was unfair that Ebi was given the song at such an important concert.

Why didn't Roslan Aziz do something about it? Why didn't Roslan Aziz reject the song? Had Roslan Aziz no say in the choice of new songs that the kids were going to sing in the finals? Roslan did well when he chose the songs for the kids to sing starting from the 8th to the 9th concert. It was songs that he, Roslan Aziz, knew that the kids could carry well. He is, after all, a perfectionist. He is a composer himself and he has produced many successful singers. He knows what suits the kids, what doesn't.

Shall I blame Astro for the choice of songs? What is so special about M. Nasir that his songs were chosen every year since the 3rd season, when he became the principal? Was there some sort of agreement that M. Nasir's songs shall always be listed for the final concert? I am sure there are many more composers out there who can compose far better songs than the song Sinar Cinta and Lihatlah, sang by Faizal, at last year's final concert. If it wasn't Mawi that sang Aduh Saliha, I doubt it very much that the song would ever be that great. Sorry, but, this is just my opinion.

Just because it is an M. Nasir song does not mean that it is good. In fact, I have yet to like any of M. Nasir's songs. They are simply not my taste. I think that most of M. Nasir's songs are just too much ado about nothing. I would go for Adnan Abu Hasan's or Ajai's song, even KRU's songs anytime, but, M. Nasir's songs? Hmmm.......

Aznil said that many singers eagerly awaits songs from M. Nasir. Ebi is lucky to have gotten M. Nasir’s songs when he has yet to even become a star himself. Really? Was Ebi really lucky? I think it is the other way around. While the other composers who contributed their songs came to the Akademi to give the kids who will be carrying their songs tips on how to carry their songs the way they were intended too, M. Nasir never stepped foot in the Akademi. Why? Ebi was left alone to interpret the song. Is that what you call commitment? Is that what you call a `sifu’? A `Sifu’ is one who is an expert in a certain field and people would come to him or her for advice, tips and know how. He is supposed to guide you. Where was he when his guidance was most needed? No, he is too great for the kids. In that case, why bother choosing his song? There are so many other composers. Why him? My advice to Ebi is to go and look for Adnan Abu Hasan for songs for his first album.

When I heard Ebi rehearsing the song in one of the diaries, my heart sank. Added to that, Ebi simply could not get the feel for the song. The melody was simply not romantic enough for a love song. No, make that the melody was simply nothing. I had hoped that the song Farhana would help Ebi get back his magic, but, alas, he over did it. I wished that someone had advised him on the choreography. Too late now.....

I am still hoping that Ebi will re-record the song Sinar Cinta with more feel. If he doesn't, it might be very difficult for this song to make it into the charts at Radio ERA. If ever it did go into the charts, would it be safe to assume that it is because Ebi sang the song, and not because it is an M. Nasir song? Maybe......

No, I think Ebi should quickly come out with a single for a different song, forget Sinar Cinta, more in the likes of Kasihnya Laila, Bukan Diri Ku, or Indo-pop, as some have suggested since that is Ebi's forte, or genre of songs suitable for him.

Because of Ebi's disappointing performances last night, as much as I had earlier on wanted Ebi to win, I secretly hoped that he would only win second place after Mila, after such a superb performance by Mila for both songs. I was afraid that should Ebi win the top spot, there would be no end to him being criticised. Probably even be booed at, because, last night, only Mila deserved the top spot. She sang her original song, Persis Mutiara, with such feel, and simply, it was superb! Her rendition of Ezlynn's Cinta Pura Pura rightly deserved the standing ovation. The top spot belonged to her alone. It couldn't by any chance be staged, could it, that she was the only one with two good songs, while the others only had one good song to carry? *wink*

For a while, I was afraid that it might be spoilt by the guy who's only good at garnering sympathy votes. Okay, to be fair, he did sing quite okay last night. But, spoil he still did for Candy. Candy sang both her songs well, though not superbly. It wasn't her best. She had done better. But, still, she did not deserve to only be placed 5th. She deserved at least a 4th placing. He deserved 5th. No, he doesn't even deserve to be in the finals! He was a spoil spot. He threw havoc at the finals. Heliza deserved her 4th placing. A 3rd placing would have been even better. *sigh*

Overall, I felt that last night's concert, though a lot of effort has been put to make it a grand finale, especially for Aznil, it being the last time that he will be hosting the show, by gathering all the kids from Season 1 – 5, and despite the fact that tradition has been broken when finally a female champion has been crowned after 4 male champions, it failed to give the impact that it had been able to in the previous years. There was no ummpphhh! Or, did I miss the moment? *grin* I think the 9th concert gave more impact with the right choice of songs and the attire worn by the kids were far better than what they wore last night. Definitely, I think Ebi's hair looked better in the 9th concert than at last night's concert! LOL! *wink*

Unlike in previous years, where after the final concert, I would feel 'a sense of lost', like as if I had lost a best friend. At times, feeling anxious even, as the concert is about to start. LOL! *grin* It's like as if I am going on a date with my best friend, and it’s something I would look forward to each week. *wink* But, last night, I did not feel like I had lost a best friend. Instead I felt mad with my best friend for failing to live up to its promise of a concert with a difference. LOL! I felt that last night the concert did not close with a bang despite bringing in the bands, and cheerleaders. Oh yeah, the concert IS different. It failed to close with a bang unlike in previous years. *grin* that a sign that I am undergoing withdrawal symptoms, but refusing to admit it? LOL! *grin*

Usually, after every final concert each year, I would be looking forward to catch the new songs sung by the kids during the finals being aired on Radio ERA. This year, somehow, I did not feel that way. I felt that there were no songs that actually hits you the minute you hear it, making you want to hear it over and over again, like Khai’s Dambaan Pilu, Felix’s Warkah Berlagu Pilu, Farah’s Tangisan Dalam Kerinduan, Marsha’s Untuk Terakhir Kali, Farhan’s Hanya Aku Sahaja Yang Tahu and Velvet’s Kini Detiknya. Maybe Mila’s song? But, Mila’s song will probably take getting used to first before you can actually fall in love with it. Okay, I will give it the benefit of the doubt. *grin*

Could it be because the choice of songs simply aren’t worthy of a Final Concert? *sigh* Or, could it be because I had hoped too much that Ebi’s performances would hit me with a bang, leaving me breathless and mesmerized like what he did when he performed Kasihnya Laila and My Heart, and when neither performances were good enough, I am probably just feeling too disappointed, it is making me confuse it with a feeling of mad and dissatisfaction? Hmmmm......Can we have another concert so that Ebi can once again prove that he actually has the magic to make it into the entertainment world after all? LOL! *wink*

Whatever it is, I am sure I am still going to miss 'my date with my best friend' every Saturday night. My Saturdays will now be 'back to normal', and my hubby will be happy that now he has gotten back his control over the TV remote control! LOL!

To Mila, Ebi, Heliza and Candy, I wish them all the best in the real world. Now that they are all STARS already, they would stop dreaming, and start working. Akademi Fantasia has paved the way for them, and I hope that they will not waste the opportunities given to them. I hope that they will always work hard to improve themselves. I hope that they will never stop learning, and always reach for the stars, but at the same time, to remember to always keep both their feet firmly on the ground.

Congratulations to Mila for breaking traditions to become the first female winner. Ebi, we know you have the magic and you have the package, but you just have to work harder and to keep on trying. I hope that Ebi will try to stay out of controversies. Even though he failed to amaze us, eerr..., me *grin* in the final concert, unlike his performances in the previous concerts with his superb rendition of Al-Jannah, Kasihnya Laila and My Heart, I know that he still has the magic to make it work. I hope that he will prove to us that he does have what it takes to make it successfully in this ever challenging world. I look forward to many albums from Ebi!

To Maestro Records, even though Mila is your next Pot of Gold after Mawi, please do not forget about Ebi, Heliza and Candy. They deserve as much attention as Mila too. They are, after all, a product of your own program too. You made them what they are today.

Note: all photos were taken from Akademi Fantasia's official website at

Friday, May 18, 2007

Just one more day to the Finals!

I read with interest an article in The Malay Mail today on the 5 finalists for the upcoming AF Finals to be telecast live tomorrow over Astro Ria starting from 9.00 pm.

I have to agree with most of what has been said in the article, among which stated that AF is the only reality TV show that has yet to crown a female champion since it's phenomenal entry into the entertainment industry 5 years ago. Would this year be the year that the record would finally be broken? As it is, one record has already been broken when, for the first time, the women have outnumbered the men going into the finals.

It is interesting to note that the writer, though not wanting to sound bias, hinted at who he thinks is the least deserving of the 5 to be in the finals. I couldn't have agreed with him more! *wink*

I like that he has this to say of Ebi -
"He has the package to make it, though his inconsistent showing is a cause for worry". Yup, I worry too! LOL! *wink*

He also adds that Ebi is a "serious threat to the others, and not merely an eye candy, because he was the first to have a serious hold on the top spot. While a top three finishing seems inevitable, a fair evalution would be that he deserves that".

Yup! Agree that Ebi deserves not the top three spot, but the top TWO spot, if not the TOP spot!! LOL! *grin* A fanatic, aren't I? LOL! *wink*

Of Mila, he has this to say -
"She has come far and is the only real obstacle that can stop the male champions".

Would I be bias if I say that despite Mila's talent, I would still prefer that Ebi wins, with Mila coming in second? Heliza and Candy in either of the next two positions? Eerrr.....did I forget someone? LOL! *wink*

If you think that is it just because Ebi is male that I want Ebi to win, you are wrong, because, last year I wanted Farhan to win, and was very much upset that she lost out to Faizal's medoicre talent due to Faizal's charms at bringing in the votes from the young girls and quite a number of older womenfolks who would love to have Faizal for their son-in-law. LOL! *wink*

I think that Ebi deserves to win because, though his vocals might not be as powerful as Mila's, strong vocals he still has, and he has the package to make it.

I do agree whole heartedly that among the 5, Mila has the strongest vocal talent (yeah, like as if I am an expert in vocals! LOL! *grin*), and her looks has improved a lot too since she first arrived at the Akademi 10 weeks ago. But, my gut feeling says that some folks out there are not impressed with some of her attitudes, and that might take away some of the deserving votes from her. But, then again, I could be wrong. Maybe we will have a female champion this year afterall?

But, if Ebi wins instead (secretly hoping), that would be bonus for me, and I will go to bed tomorrow night feeling satisfied and smiling.....LOL! *wink*

Something I would like to see after the concert, besides compilation albums or Best of albums from Ebi and Mila, I hope that Maestro Records will come out with a BEST OF AKADEMI FANTASIA album featuring the best performances throughout its history. I hope to see in the album, among others, memorable performances like Heliza's KESAL, Kefli's BERHENTI BERHARAP and HATI EMAS, Ebi and Mila's MY HEART, Farhan's I STILL GOT THE BLUES, Akma's Duet with Felix in Bertakhta Di Hati and Ebi's KASIHNYA LAILA and AL-JANNAH.

Oohhh! I fogot! It must also feature
Ebi's Bailamos! I think that was one sexy performance! LOL! *wink*

Thanks a million!

Today I received a very lovely card (the front does not say much, but the wordings inside speaks volumes) from the Head of the Architectural Discipline of my department. I was surprised and touched to receive the card from her. As it is, I already feel indebted to her on my recent promotion ( I hinted of it in my entry dated 14th May. *wink*). If it had not been for her support, faith, and high recomendations, and her trust in my capabilities, I probably wouldn't have gotten my double promotion. I have so much to thank her for.

I also need to thank my immediate boss, though I sometimes get mad with her *wink* for asking me to do a zillion things at one time *grin*, it is also because of her trust in my capabilities that she gave me high performance assessment report and recommendations for promotion (those were some of her words to me when I went over to thank her upon getting the letter of promotion). I feel blessed. I thank God for giving me this `rezeki'.

I will do my best to carry out my new duties to the best of my abilities. I pray that God will always give me strength to be able to face whatever challenges that comes my way, and guide me to do my best always.

I also wish to thank all my friends for all the congratulatory wishes that have been pouring in since knowing of my promotion. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Feeling restless……………

Why? I don’t know. I just do. Sometimes you just feel that way. I have so much to do all at the same time that I end up hardly finishing anything at all because I don’t know which one to do first. I would be doing this one thing, but my mind would be on another thing. I cannot concentrate. I feel restless……

Am I already feeling the fever of the AF Final concert, it being the last one this coming weekend, that I am already experiencing withdrawal symptoms? LOL! My hubby would heave a sigh of relief when the AF season comes to an end, because then he can get his hands back on the TV remote control. LOL! Every Saturday we `fight’ over who gets to watch the TV! LOL! Of course you can guess who wins, right? *wink*

During off seasons of AF, I don’t watch much TV, prefering to indulge in my hobbies instead. I would usually just sit next to my hubby, stitching, as he watches his choice of movies or programmes. It has always been, most of the time, what he wants to watch, which I don’t mind, really, since I am not much of a TV fan except to watch CSI or House, which also happens to be my hubby’s favourite. I do, from time to time watch Law & Order, which he also enjoys watching with me. Other than that, my hubby loves watching movies and Discovery Channel whenever it features on history, his favourite subject of interest.

But, come the AF season, it’s a 'fight' to see who gets to the TV remote control first! LOL! No, just kidding! My hubby is a very understanding person, and that’s what I love him for! *grin* He knows that the AF Season only comes 3 months in a year. This might also be the last season. He knows that he will have back the control of the TV when the fever is over. He just waits patiently …………*grin*

No, it couldn’t possibly be that I am restless because I am starting to feel the withdrawal symptoms of the AF season coming to an end, although I will probably be feeling that next week when it really finally comes to an end, but not this week. *wink*

I think I am feeling restless today because tomorrow I will be reporting for duty in a different position. I am feeling anxious, a little apprehensive in fact. I don’t know what plans my Director has for me. I know that today I should actually get started on my handing over notes, but I can’t seem to concentrate. There are simply still too many things to do, to resolve, to wrap up. I don’t know where to start. Probably when I report for duty tomorrow and know what has been planned for me, probably I will feel a little bit more settled……..

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Wishing all moms all over the world, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

A special greetings to my mom in Kota Bharu!
Thank you for everything! Thank you for being there when we needed you. Thank you for always encouraging us to do our best. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for being our mom. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We love you!

Today too I got a card from my son which, according to my hubby, was his idea to buy me a card and he chosed the card himself. My hubby just drove him to the bookshop. I am touched. Thank you, Aiman! You are everything to me. You brought light to our lives. You made us complete! We love you!


So mesmerising was their performance that it left me breathless! LOL! Yes! That is how I would describe and sum up Ebi and Mila’s performance of the song ‘My Heart’ made famous by two people in love, at last night’s concert. Such was the chemistry between the two of them, that I think it was a superb performance by two very talented people, both having strong and powerful vocals but still remaining unique in their own way.

Yes, I agree with Ogy that when I first heard the song, I felt that it was quite a childish song, and I could not even make out the english portion of the song sang by the original singers, but, last night, Ebi and Mila made the song an adult love song, and made it THEIR song! The acting part, choreographed by themselves was really sweet, lovely, and oh, so romantic! *feeling breathless again!* LOL! *wink*

I simply like the way Ebi looked lovingly down at Mila and gently touched her hair, and as Ebi sang into Mila’s microphone, it made the audience in the hall screamed in delight, some even shedding tears in excitement! LOL! I agree with one blogger that said that their performance last night was spellbinding and mesmerizing. I could not have agreed more! There was obvious chemistry between them. They were either really in love, or simply good actors. Kudos!

I almost gave up on the two of them when I saw them rehearsing in one of the diaries which I managed to catch during the week. They could not help laughing as they tried to look into each other’s eyes to get the feel for the song. I told a friend that Ebi simply does not have the romantic character to carry this song with feelings. Yup! Ebi just proved me wrong. I am glad that he did (prove me wrong). He does have the romantic feel, but such was he a shy person that he couldn’t bring out the feel during the rehearsals, that Cikgu Fatimah actually asked if he had ever been in love, when he kept laughing as he looked into Mila’s eyes.

It was a pleasant surprise that not only did they managed to deliver the song in seriousness, but they delivered it so superbly with such feel. Akademi Fantasia’s official website stated that their performance last night was the most romantic performance in the history of AF. My congratulations to both of them for their great performances last night and also for making it to the finals. Phew! Aznil had me cringing the sofa as he announced the names of the finalists! LOL! *grin* I hope both of them will hold the top two positions in the finals to be held next week.

Okay, my breathing is now back to normal. LOL! *wink* Now, for my comments on the others………….

Was it a coincidence that most of those that were given the boot sang an English song on the night that they were eliminated? Could it be that their diction is so bad (except Dafi, who’s diction was commendable and dance steps were awesome!) I think that it simply failed to impress the ‘voters’ to vote for them? Unless you are Aswad that gains sympathy votes despite pronouncing `watching’ as washing’, and getting away with not even having to perform in the 1st week of the concert due to an illness and again this week, staying out of the group performances, also due to an illness? Will we be looking at a sick winner next week?

Oh my gosh! That would be my first reaction if Aswad wins next week. Are we really that bad at judging who’s good and who’s bad? Who’s got the aura, charm and charisma, not to mention talents and looks combined, to make it successfully into this ever cynical entertainment industry? Oh my gosh! Are we really that blind that we only vote because we sympathize and empathize, because, again I remind those ‘voters’ that this is a talent competition, not a competition to see who wins the most sympathy votes.

I hope that it will be proven to me that we are a smarter lot than that. We have come a long way in our journey to become a 1st class developed nation, so, I hope that the `voters’ will think hard before they choose their winner.

It was sad to see Shawal leave. I’d rather like to see the sick one leave. All five of them performing the bonus song, ‘Lagu Gembira’, looked perfect and in tune together. Why must it be spoilt by a person who just sat back and looked on the side? Yup, doctor’s orders, so says Aznil. Why doesn’t the doctor just tell him that it is best to just pull out?

The five put on such a good performance, I felt that it was simply unfair that the one who worked less got into the finals, but not the one who worked hard to keep in step with the votes that kept changing every half an hour or so. Do you get bonus points for being sick? Yes, you get 10,000 more votes *wink* coming your way each time you put on a sad sickly face. *grin* Sorry, I am just being cynical, but can you blame me? LOL! *wink*

Overall, I think the kids performed well last night. Mila, as usual, sang beautifully the song ‘Pudar’ made famous by Rossa. She made it her song. Although I like Ebi’s rendition of ‘Bukan Diri ku’ by Samsons, I think he could have performed even better. But, perform well he did. Finally he got 4 blue lights to indicate that the Critics were impressed by his performance. I hope he brings his magic into the finals to clinch the top position next week.

Candy has always been a consistent performer each week, but, this week, she was not at her best. It could be because she had some sore throat problems or maybe because her dress was simply too big for her small body and too long that she accidentally stepped on it, and probably that made her lose her concentration to perform better. Nevertheless, she tried her best, and never allowed her sickness or the dress, to be used to gain sympathy votes. Or, should I blame Astro for playing with our emotions when it comes to Aswad, but not for the others, because the others have talents to prove?

I enjoyed Heliza’s performance of ‘Ya atau Tidak’. She danced beautifully and in tune with the dancers. She has improved a lot, and I have always liked the way Heliza teases the camera with her eyes.

I pity Heliza when she sang the duet song with Aswad. I think he kind of ‘spoilt’ the song for her. She sang and danced well, but, I can’t say much about Aswad. Even Ogy, who has on numerous occasions, given Aswad good comments in previous concerts, said that she did not like the way he danced. She said that it was not suitable for the song that he sang and it was out of place, and out of tune.

I enjoyed the duet by Shawal and Candy. Too bad we won’t be seeing Shawal again next week. *sigh* It simply was not Shawal’s night. Ogy said that he failed to interact with the dancers, making it as though he was alone on stage. He lost the moment to play his cards right. Just one more step to the finals, and he did not make it. *sigh* All because someone got in through sympathy? Hmmm....... I wish Shawal good luck in the real world. He has the looks and height that can get him somewhere far in the entertainment industry, as long as he is willing to work hard.

Aswad’s rendition of Mawi’s song, 'Mungkin Langitmu Lebih Biru', to say the least, sounds almost like a replica of Mawi, though slightly better. Opps! My mum’s gonna be mad with me for saying that! LOL! *wink* She’s a great fan of Mawi! Sorry, mom, just my opinion! By the way, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MA! I love you!! Hugs!

Oohh! Could it be that the reason why Aswad is getting so many votes is because now voters of Mawi are now voting for Aswad? Hmm……my mom didn’t sound like she liked Aswad when I spoke to her on the phone yesterday. So, that remains a theory yet to be proven. We shall see what becomes in the finals.

Good luck to my four personal favourites – Ebi, Mila, Heliza and Candy – yes, in that order of favourites! LOL! *wink*

SEE YOU ALL at the FINALS next week! Heheh… as if I am going to the concert at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil! LOL! *wink*

Note: all photos were taken from Akademi Fantasia's official website at

Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's Gonna Be Me!

It sure was! It sure was Dafi that left last night! *sob* LOL! *wink* I am gonna miss seeing him at next week's concert and the finals.......

Dafi sang that song by N'Sync at last night's 8th concert. He danced beautifully. I really enjoyed his performance last night. The moves were well coordinated, and, what can I say, he was just so cute! LOL! *blush* His singing has improved a lot, even for this tone death writer! LOL! *grin*

It was sad to see him go last night. I said in my earlier entry in my blog that Dafi cannot sing, but, he has worked hard, and it shows. He might be lacking in the vocal department, but he has other trades which can make up for his lack in singing. Besides his good looks (Syafinaz once said that singing is a skill that can be acquired with practice, but, not everyone is born good looking, and as one of the critics said, it's hard being Dafi), and a charming personality, he is one good dancer! I cannot say much about the other kids that are left behind. He danced effortlessly and in tune. Each concert, I look forward to seeing him dance, and he has yet to fail me in that department. But, now, my excitement of seeing him perform weekly has been cut short by 2 weeks..........

By now, many who follows my blog, and read about my comments on the AF Concerts could tell that I am no fan of Aswad (ooops! Just by saying that is going to garner Aswad 10,000 more votes! LOL!). Yes, I am not a fan of Aswad, and to see Dafi go instead of Aswad is saddening. So, OK, I am supposed to be objective in giving out my opinions, but, sad I still am, because that is my personal feelings.

Why am I sad? Objectively speaking, yes, I agree that Aswad sings better than Dafi, no argument about that. But, can Aswad dance better than Dafi? He has yet to prove me wrong. Charms, Aswad do not have. His personality? He has yet to impress me. There are already many singers of his capabilities. The music industry is over run with singers like him. Do we need another one like him? His fans will say a big YES!

For me, I would like to see something different. I like Mila's vocals - very powerful and unique. She can carry many genres of songs, and last night was just prove of that. Heliza gave new meaning to the rock genre by singing a rock number, while still maintaining her demure character of a well-mannered muslim. Kudos to her!

Both Shawal and Ebi have vocals which are masculine, powerful and unique (one critic said that the industry is looking for people with vocals like Shawal), though in the last few concerts, Ebi struggled to get back his magic, after a powerful performance through his impressive rendition of KASIHNYA LAILA at the 4th concert. I hope this coming week, Ebi will get a song that will once again prove that he has got it to make it to the finals.

Although I am no fan of Candy, I cannot deny the fact that she can sing most songs effortlessly. She will have my vote anytime as compared to Aswad.

There are only six kids left, and another concert to eliminate just one more talent before going into the finals. Think! Among the 6 that are left behind, who is the least talented? Who will be the sacrifice to leave next week in place of someone who is getting votes through sympathy?

Who will you vote to be the eventual winner? Who has got the unique vocals to make it into the music industry which is getting more competitive by the day? Who has got the looks that can charm the general public into wanting to buy their albums, and wanting to hear their songs day in day out without getting bored? Who can dance in tune effortlessly, making kids even as young as 3 years old, wanting to do the same dance steps? Who has got the personality to make it into the industry which is always faced with strong critisms even for the simplest of mistakes? Who? Think! If you have been following my blog, you would know what my answer would be! LOL! *wink*

*Note: all photos were taken from Akademi Fantasia's official website at

Friday, May 04, 2007

My frustrations.......

I have been having sleepless nights the last few weeks, if not already months. I am feeling anxious, nervous and worried. Most of all, I am feeling very frustrated......

I am frustrated that there are only a few more months left before the contract for this project ends but I cannot seem to see the light at the end of tunnel. Each day I see more problems cropping up, but the Project Manager and Site Supervisor do not seem bothered by them, or rather they seem oblivious to the problems cropping up, despite my constant reminder to them that there are issues which needs immediate attention. They do not seem to understand. They do not seem to be able to appreciate the problems we are facing and will be facing. I am nervous. I am worried.

I am only the Design Manager. My design team have worked hard, very hard, to come up with the best possible design we could, to the best of our capabilities. We did the design in under 6 months. Six months is a very short period of time, considering the size and the cost of the project.

I was overcomed with emotions when my Diretor General gave me only 6 months from the day of approval of the design, to finalize the design and to come up with the working drawings and design details. It is a huge project with over 25,000 sq meter in floor area, not including the supporting buildings, at a cost of over RM100 million, including the equipments. My management skills and capabillities were stretched to the limit. It was the one of the toughest times of my career. This wasn't the only project I was resposible for. I had 20 odd other projects to manage as well. I cried a silent cry almost daily during that period of time when things got so tough and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to carry the project through. I am a perfectionist. I do not want to disppoint anyone. Certainly, I do not want to fail. My boss expected me to deliver. Both she and the DG expected the best from me.

I thank God that I had a good Design Team who gave me full support and cooperation to get the project done on time. My staff worked overtime to get the designs and drawings ready for tender. We sat and discussed daily to ensure that all works are coordinated and thought through.

We tendered the project as per schedule. I thank God for giving me the stength to carry it through. My Design Team and I look forward to the project taking off and seeing what we had worked so hard to design materilize the way it was designed. We knew there were still some details that needs to be worked out, but, we knew that with a good Project Manager and Contractor, whatever issues that needs further detailing could be settled professionally, if we all work together to find the solutions. We couldn't be more wrong.

As the project progresses, it was becoming more obvious that the Project Manager is 'incapable' of handling projects of that size, cost and nature. While we discussed the big issues like the roof systems, wall cladding systems, ceiling systems, mechanical and electrical systems and many more big issues, he was more concerned about the colour schemes. The walls are far from being completed in order for them to be ready for plastering work to receive any coat of paint.

There are far more urgent matters that needs to be looked into and resolved to get the building completed for delivery. Coordination of works on site need to be done, and it has to be done by the Project Manager. The services coming in needs to be coordinated to ensure that all services work together. The Project Manager has to undertake to do all that, but, alas, he expects everything to be done for him by the Design Office, expecting that everything be served to him on a silver platter.

The Design Manager only coordinates the design related issues, and I have undertaken that responsibilities by calling for Design Review Meetings almsot weekly to resolve issues of all trades related to design matters. So many of these meetings that I call, on top of my other projects, that my calendar is filled up two months ahead of time. I feel like I am not breathing at times when I run from one meeting to the next to the next, at times, 3 meetings colliding at one time, for some of the meetings for other projects I am involved in, are called by my boss who sets meetings according to her own schedule. There are also the travelling outstations that I have to do to manage my other projects all over the country, at times doing a marathon of travelling from north to south to the east coast. I am stressed out. So stressed out at times that my mouth ulcers would not go away for weeks.

To add to the 'incapabilities' of the Project Manager, the Contractor is, in my opinion, simply 'incompetent' to handle projects of this mega size and yet he says that he has done numerous big projects, far bigger then this one. Really? He has me fooled. Going by the way he is managing this one, it looks like this is his first big one, or rather, his first unstandard and complicated one. Before this, the big projects he has done must probably be just standard designs. *sigh*

I pray that God will give me strength again to see through this stage of the project. My sleep is getting shorter. I wake up in the middle of the night, worrying. I am nervous. I am anxious. I am worried. Most of all, I am frustrated.....I am crying a silent cry again........

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

An unwise move........

Each time I put up comments in my blog about the Akademi Fantasia concert, some friends would tell me that I am such a fanatic fan! LOL! Err...... am I really? *wink* Anyway, I did not put up any comments last week for two reasons - one, there was nothing really to comment about the 6th concert, and two, I was busy cooking up a storm for my son's 7th birthday party! LOL!

Am I planning to put one up today, and risked being labeled a fanatic again? LOL! Heck, it is just my opinion, and what I feel like saying! LOL! Anyway, here is just a little of what I want to say......I need to get it off my chest, right? LOL! *wink*

I think it is very insensitive, in fact, I feel it was rather unwise, of Astro to show clippings of the kids passing gas, or, to put it bluntly, farting. The malay says, "menjatuhkan air muka orang", literally translated to mean, to put down someone's face, or to embarass a person, by showing those video clippings.

Why did Astro do it? Has Astro ran out of gimmicks to show to attract its audiences? There are so many gimmicks that Astro could have come up with, but to show the kids passing gas is simply unacceptable, insensitive, embarassing, and simply ridiculous, especially in a culture that supposed to be polite and well mananered! Is Astro up to something? Another strategy by Astro to embarass some kids while it garners votes for the others? Really, Astro, it is always just about money?

The last concert saw Aizat having to leave for the lack of enough votes. Astro played the emotions of the audiences by bringing in the parents of all the other kids, except Aswad, whose parents have passed away. That scene of the kids crying as they met their parents, leaving Aswad looking very sad, pulled at the heart strings of many, I supposed, since Aswad's position was pushed to number one at the end of the concert, inadvertently, pushing Aizat to the last position, from a comfortable position in the middle before the concert.

Many in the audience were surprised by the announcement that Aizat had to go. Many felt that it was premature, him leaving in the 7th concert. Many expected him to make it to the finals. Even though I am no fan of Aizat, and yes, some said that his personality does not impress many `voters', but I do agree that he is more talented than Aswad. I am not saying that Aswad is not talented, but, by comparison, anyone who appreciates real talent could tell you that among the eight kids that were left, he was the least talented. But, Astro played a gimmick. Two wrong gimmicks, in my opinion - one, about the passing of gas by the other kids, making them look bad, embarassing them, in fact, and two, about Aswad being an orphan. Don't get me wrong. I do feel sad for him and I sympathize him for his loss, but, again I ask, is this a talent competition, or a competition to win by gaining pity and sympathy? *sigh*

It's hard to understand the mentally of the Malaysian majority who judges talents using their emotions. But then again, a blog I read said that if Astro had wanted a competition based solely on talent alone, and not make the viewers judge the characters and personality of the kids, then Astro shouldn't have the Diaries that show the personality of the kids when they let their hair down.

I guess AF will always be a competition of who wins the most sympathy. Didn't Faizal win because of his humble background more than for his talent? I am sure many would agree with me that Farhan is the more talented one in AF Season 4. Mawi did it too, though I must say that at least Mawi has very strong fan base that buys his albums, pushing it to be the most saleable album in years. Zahid is talented, but, his success in the music industry is nowhere compared to Farah and Adam's successes. Vince is only now making his mark, after already 4 years in the industry.

Are we going to end up having another mediocre talent coming out of AF this season? If that happens, it would be another sad day for the music industry.

*Note: all photos were taken from Akademi Fantasia's official website at

On your mark, get set, GO!!

Aaahh! Finally the day has come for us to start on this long awaited piece! LOL! Yup, at NNC, we officially started on our Long Dong Mystery Sampler Stitch-A-Long (LDSAL) yestersay, 1st May 2007.

After about an hour of stitching, I ended up with a neckache. Why? Because the printout chart from the online magazine, Gift of Stitching, is so small that I tend to bend my neck more to read the chart. I tried to copy and print it out in a bigger size, but the output did not turn out clear.

I used to stitch with my glasses on (when I am not wearing my contacts), so I did not need to bend my head so low, but eversince I changed my glasses, it's giving me problems seeing near that I am more comfortable stitching without my glasses. I can see my stitching better, but have trouble seeing the charts that I tend to bend more to see the tiny charts. Can I last to finish this LDSAL? LOL!

So far, after about 2 hours of working on it yesterday, this is the outcome. Not much really, but I am beginning to see the colours and I am liking it as I stitch it, only I need to take long breaks, so that I don't end up having a bad neckache.

I think I will only be working on this piece on weekends, because the piece is too big to be carried around. On weekdays, I am planning to work on my off-white and purple crochet piece which is more mobile to bring around. I can even crochet in the car if my hubby is driving! LOL! This works out fine for me actually, because then I can actually get this crochet piece done sooner than if I were to totally put it in cold storage as I work on the LDSAL. I need to finish this crochet piece so that I can start working on the Wish List Exchange due in June to be sent out to Rhonda, all the way in the United States. Am I starting to panic already ? LOL!

This crochet piece is getting bigger than I expected. As it is, it is already more than 29cm (11") in diameter. I still have about 10 more rows to do before it's done. I can't wait!!