Thursday, October 02, 2008

It felt like only yesterday…..

It’s been 12 years since my dad passed away on 19th October 1996 at the young age of only 60, yet, when I visited my dad’s grave yesterday, my tears flowed freely. I guess the sense of lost of losing someone so dear to you never fades away, no matter how many years had passed by.

Some say that it gets easier to bear the loss as time goes by, but, going by my tears yesterday, I think it was like my dad had just passed away only yesterday.

If my dad had been alive today, he would have celebrated his 72nd birthday on 24th September 2008. I wondered if he would be as strong and healthy as when he was before he passed away. Except for minor sniffles once in a while, I never knew my dad to be sick. He was always working 24/7.

I remember him sitting at his old rattan chair with a make shift table, writing or marking papers late into the night, at a corner of the dining room or upstairs in the bedroom. I can still picture him that way even till today.

I miss him. I miss my maternal grandmother too who passed away in 1988 due to a misdiagnosed by a doctor, resulting in the wrong prescription being given out, when all she had that fateful day was just a cold and a slight fever.


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