Saturday, November 22, 2008

Breakfast in Kota Bharu, dinner in Kuala Lumpur!

Heheh….nope! It’s not breakfast in Paris, and dinner in London, but, breakfast in Kota Bharu, and dinner in Kuala Lumpur! LOL! But, it sure sounds like I am jet-setting, which, I must say, in a way, I am, but, only in the country! *grin*

One day…one day…..I will be having breakfast in Paris, and dinner in London….you never know! *wink*

Anyway, I was in Kota Bharu on Monday, 17th November, for work, and dropped by my mum’s place for breakfast. She had prepared my favourite dish, Nasi Kerabu Hitam, literally translated to mean Black Herb or Salad Rice. It is actually rice cooked with some sort of herb leaves to make it the colour black. Maybe my mum will tell you the name of the herb leaves used to cook the rice with.

The rice is then mixed with all sorts of fresh herbs, sambal tumis, and budu (anchovy paste). It might not look nor sound that appetizing, but, it actually is really nice! Ask my hubby! Whenever I mention to him that I am going back to Kota Bharu for work, he can already imagine me bringing home nasi kerabu for dinner! Such is the attraction of the Nasi Kerabu! LOL!

My mum did not forget that Nasi Kerabu is also my hubby’s favourite food, and so, after my meeting, when I dropped by my mum’s place to freshen up, she had gotten Nasi Kerabu all packed up for me to bring home for dinner!

Needles to say, dinner was delicious! Thanks, Ma!

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