Saturday, November 08, 2008

Whimsy Jar Exchange

My whimsy jar from Lillie for the Whimsy Jar Exchange organized by Tini arrived on Wednesday, 22nd October 2008, but, I was so tied up with work that I did not have time to open it that day. I came home too late and tired that I forgot all about it. On Thursday, I took a very early morning flight to Penang and came home later that day mentally and physically exhausted , and so again, the package was left intact.

On Friday, there was a lot of crisis at work that I couldn’t even steal a peak into the jar, except to take out the jar from the box, and the first thing I exclaimed when I saw it was, “Wow! Oh my gosh! So lovely!”

Lillie had taken the trouble to actually crochet a `dress’ for the jar in colours of pink and dark brown. Really lovely! There was a handmade tag attached to it, and the cover was embellished with a pink flower motif ribbon.

Inside the jar was packed full with lots and lots of goodies packed to the brim! There were ribbons, laces, buttons, beads, felt hearts, flowers, pins, even a tape measure; it was like a treasure trove!

Thank you so much, Lillie! Hugs!

…..and here is my humble jar sent to Ying, my partner in Johor Bharu for this exchange.

It’s a glass jar which was once filled up with yummy strawberry jam. I had to rummage through my kitchen cabinets several time before I finally found this jar which I felt was just the right size for the exchange and satisfied the required size as stated in the exchange guidelines. No, I did not throw away the yummy jam. LOL! It was already emptied of its original content but was used to be filled up with some things. So, I just transferred that into another container.

The fabric I used to cover the cap was a fabric swatch given to me by Emily sometime ago from her furniture shop. See! I recycled! *grin*

Thanks, Emily, for the swatches. They come in really handy when I need to do small things like these!

I sent the jar packed in a little red box to make up for the simplicity of the jar itself. I then bubble wrapped the jar many many times to make sure that it does not break during its journey to Johor Bharu, before I finally packed it up in a thick cardboard box.

Despite all the wrapping, I was still worried that the jar might break as I am unsure if Pos Malaysia will actually take care of the box even after I had written all over the box “FRAGILE. HANDLE WITH CARE”. I am glad that it arrived safely and in one piece.

I hope Ying will enjoy the contents of her whimsy jar.

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