Sunday, November 30, 2008

What was I thinking?

Eer…ok, I have not yet actually completed the soccer quilt for my son, but, already I am starting on a new project? What was I thinking? LOL!

I attended the last class at Quilt Gallery for the Soccer Quilt project last Saturday, 22nd November 2008. I told myself that I was going to take a short break from doing any more large size quilts until the end of the year when I hope to take an extended leave after the Christmas holidays.

I also did not want to start on any new large projects as yet too as I need to mentally prepare myself for the promotions/assessment exams (PTK - Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan ) which I hope to sit for between March to May next year.

Even with that intention in mind however, I was already going through some patchwork & quilting magazines looking for a design I might like for a queen size quilt that I might want to make for my bed. *grin* Gill, the owner of Quilt Gallery, didn’t help to make things easy for me (not to start on a new project) when she was ever so encouraging of my intentions! LOL! But, of course, she also wants to make money out of me! LOL! *wink*

I have long been eyeing this quilt design which was on the cover QUILT SAMPLER Fall/Winter 2008 Issue from the day my eyes caught it online when I was going through the All People Quilt website a couple of months back, and have been looking for the magazine at local bookshops here to see if they carried the magazine. Of course I grabbed it the minute I saw the magazine at BORDERS when I was there about a month ago! LOL!

I have been carrying this magazine everywhere I went since then! LOL! But, ssshhhhh….. don’t tell my boss and mum that I carry a quilt magazine in my ‘oh so very serious’ briefcase! LOL!

Recently, Quilt Gallery restocked its fabric collection, and she brought in quite a lot of very romantic theme cottons, and plenty of PINKS! I felt like buying all the new stock, especially those in PINKS! LOL!

Oopps! Digressing again, am I? LOL!

Anyway, after my class last weekend, with some homework to do to finish off the Soccer Quilt, I seriously took a look at some of the romantic theme cottons that Gill had brought in and could almost picture the queen size quilt on my bed using those cottons at Quilt Gallery. I bet you can guess what happened next, right? LOL!

I came home loaded with seven, yes, SEVEN new fabrics in various lengths as in accordance to the requirements needed to make a queen size quilt in the design on the cover of the QUILT SAMPLER! LOL! What was I thinking! Am I being too overly ambitious here? LOL!

Well, I just hope that I will be able to complete this massive project (by my standard) before my exams, or, I will definitely have to take a long break from it come February. Opps! Gill’s passing the business to her daughter in February and her daughter is not even into quilts! She’s turning the shop into a boutique and tailoring shop of sorts. So sad that my favourite shop is soon closing down……..*sigh*

Anyway, I started my first class for the project yesterday, 29th November 2008. This time, I learnt a new method of cutting the pieces using templates by Marty Michell.

Yeah, I could have cut up the pieces by the conventional method of measuring and drawing up like I did some years ago when I first started out doing patchwork, but, I thought, why not try what’s new in the market. I do, after all, still have dreams of one day opening up my own craft shop, so, I need to know all these latest gadgets in the market, right? *wink* Hmmmmmmm………I shall go on dreaming………… *grin*

The templates were quite easy to use once you get the hang of things, as it came with built-in ¼” seams already. I think I could make work faster once I know how to master the use of the templates.

So, here is the result of my class yesterday……my first block! Doesn’t it make you feel romantic, looking at it? LOL! *wink* Hmmm….I think I shall call this quilt project “In the Mood for LOVE” quilt project. *smile*

I have ten of this block to make. I have 2 other block designs I have to make (look at my notebook in the photo showing my sketch of the quilt design) in 10 and 12 pieces respectively to make up the whole quilt.

That’s a lot of work, right? Yup, definitely, what was I thinking! LOL! Wish me luck!

BTW, here are the other projects that I have been busy doing…..

The fireworks bag which is the November project at Epal, but I am far from completing it as I have not been going to this class at Epal much as I have not been in town much on Sundays (I could only find time to go to the class at Epal on Sundays) while my son is attending a robotics class and my hubby is at the gym).

Here is a photo of me, which is rare, as I hardly like to post photos of myself, taken by Paul, at the recent Stitching Bee showing off my uncompleted Sailboat Quilt. I still have the quilting and the binding to do for this project. This is the October project for my class at Epal. Yup, I am behind in my claases at Epal!

Finally, here is part of the Soccer Quilt project in the process of the binding being sewn, which I might have to hand stitch some parts of it as the machine stitching did not catch the bottom part of the binding.

So many projects that I want to do, but, so little time……


Barbara said...

Great quilting projects! The bag pattern looks really delicate with such small pieces. And the 'In the mood for love' ;) quilt is gonna be fabulous!

Paul Lionel said...

Wow nice colours for your 'In the Mood for Love' quilt!

This whole quilting stuff is really getting very serious for you! Good luck!

busymum100 said...


You are really talented, and patient too!! They are just lovely!

Janet C said... are on a roll for quilting!! *_^ The fabrics are lovely.
Is the fireworks bag done by foundation paper piecing? The patches are rather small for normal piecing.

Za said...

Thanks, BJ! Miss you!

I can't wait to work some more on the LOVE quilt project!

Thanks, Paul! I think I need all the luck I can get for the "In the mood for Love" quilt project. It's going to be a huge one!

Thanks, Sabariah! I just hope that I have enough patience to complete the huge LOVE quilt project!

Hi Janet! Yes, the fireworks bag is done by foundation paper piecing. A lot of work especially trying to get all the points to match up!

Zarina said...

The templates and the cutter really makes our life easy. The rainbow quilt top was completed in the 'blink of the eye' that I'm still blinking. I bought 3-queen and 2-king size batting at Yee's just now and one of the customer was looking up at me as an expert in quilting.

Arlene said...

Wow nice quilt, need a lot of dedication to complete.

Za said...

I find the templates a little flimsy to use, but once you get the hang of it, I am sure it can be a breeze to use. I am still trying to get grips to using them though.

I found cutting triangles along the selvedge edge on the longer side of the triangle a waste of fabric though. So, I ended up cuting the fabrics into rectangles first b4 cutting them uo using the templates.

Not an efficient way to use the templates, huh? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you have been doing a lot of quilting! And all of it looking very good as well.

Za said...

Miss you, Jess!

Have you been doing much quilting too lately?

Pam said...

I love your quilts. You have a good eye for color.
Is the sailboat quilt paper-pieced? Will you share what pattern you used?

Za said...

Hi Pam! Thanks for the compliments! :)

Yes, the sailboat piece was paper pieced. I bought the pattern as a kit for a class project at a sewing class here in Malaysia. I am unsure if you can purchase it overseas.