Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dreaming again, am I?

No, not really. This time we had our feet firmly set on the ground when we made a visit to the Show House and sales office of Cahaya SPK, a development in Shah Alam, Selangor.

We, well, rather, I, went there with a more open mind that we would not be able to afford anything just yet, but still we wanted to see what SPK has to offer and how much are their houses are being sold for with the designs that they have to offer.

They were offering two design types – a super link and a semi-detached. The super-link, as they call it, in my opinion, can mislead people to think that they are getting a big house, when in actual fact, they are just getting the standard size house lot of 24’ x 80’, which is even smaller than our present house which is 24’ x 85’.

Why asked why call it a superlink when it isn’t any different than the standard lot, they justify it by saying that you get 5 bedrooms instead of the standard 4 bedrooms in a link house. But, in actual fact, the 5th bedroom is quite small. It is more like a store or utility room, though it can actually fit in a single size bed.

Anyway, we visited the Show Village just to satisfy our curiousity, and yes, dear brother, show houses are sometimes scams, and can mislead you, but, have you forgotten that I have an architectural degree and can read floor plans? LOL! *wink*
I bought my present house without looking at any show houses either, but rather, by reading the plans and imagining the sizes of each room to gauge how big the house will eventually be. I am happy to say that I am very satisfied with our present house, not just for the areas, but for the spaces and the design and layout of the overall plan.

I have always said that most of the houses in USJ are designer doll houses as they are very pretty, though the spaces might be small.

Opps! I have digressed again……sorry!

Back to the visit to the Show Village, I find the superlink house a little small compared to the house we saw at Setia Alam. Well, to be fair, the price of the house at SPK is a lot cheaper, and much closer to what we might be able to afford should we decide we want to buy the house. Oopps! Before my mum gets worried again, no, Ma, don’t worry, we didn’t buy the house. *grin*

However, despite the house being small, my hubby saw some potential in the house, saying that it can be renovated to add more spaces that we need should it be a cornet lot unit. Unfortunately, all the houses have been taken up, except one corner lot, but it is next to a TNB substation.

We have heard from quite a number of people that intruders tend to use substations as a means to trespass into the house next to it. So, I guess that is the reason why that was the only lot not yet taken up.

Next, we visited the show house for the semi-detached, despite knowing that they are all sold out. I just wanted to feel the spaces and get some interior design ideas.

I like the spaces in this house as it has lots of nooks and corners. I especially like the patio with timber flooring. I can almost imagine sitting there drinking afternoon tea there, but my hubby was not too impressed with the back room which was identified in the plan as the maid’s room as it has no natural ventilation. It is more like a store room.

Oh! Oh! Aiman loves this room! Why? Because it has got a huge poster of Transformers! LOL! I can imagine him spending a lot of time in a room decorated like this! *smile*

But, all the houses of this design were all taken up, so, that pretty much decided things for us. *grin*

Noticed that I don’t sound as excited in this posting as I was in my previous posting when I wrote about my dream house in Setia Alam? *grin* Well, to begin with, the house in Cahaya SPK is smaller, and not any better than our present house. Two, how can I be excited about another house when I am still dreaming about the Setia Alam house, especially the huge master bedroom! LOL! I can already imagine sitting in the room by the study table with enough closet spaces around me! LOL!

Oh well…it’s time to dream again……..

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- Azie - said...

nik, if u bought this spk house.. bolehlah i come for stitching buzz slalu yea.. near to my home