Sunday, November 02, 2008

Soccer Quilt project – the quilting begins…..

With the top done, it is now time to quilt it – hand quilt it!

I asked Gill if I could hand-quilt around the soccer balls, and machine quilt the blocks in the ditch, so that I can learn to hand quilt and machine quilt in one project. She advised me against it, saying that it might not turn out nice, especially since this will be the first time that I am going to quilt a project of this size.

She also said that she has a feeling that I am going to make another quilt in the near future or sooner and can learn machine quilting then. *grin* Somehow, I feel the same way too! LOL! Oopps! Am I being too ambitious again? LOL! *grin*

Anyway, I started to hand quilt the quilt yesterday, and worked a little bit on it today, but had to stop when my finger is starting to feel sore from being poked again and again on the same finger. I did not make that much progress on it today. *sigh*

I wonder how long this hand quilting is going to take me, going by the rate that I am taking to quilt each soccer ball, and whether my fingers can actually withstand all the needle poking! LOL!

Time to look for that thimble I bought some time back!

Here’s a rare shot of me (noticed that I hardly put up photos of myself? *grin* I am camera shy! *wink*) hand quilting the quilt. The photo was taken by Gill herself.

BTW, I thought I should inform you people who frequents Quilt Gallery that Gill’s daughter, Lauren, will be starting out her own tailoring business in February, taking up half the shop lot. Over the next two years, Gill is planning to hand over the rest of the business to Lauren so that she can concentrate on the more spiritual side of things.

Gill mentioned that since Lauren is more keen on tailoring rather than specializing in quilting, the shop (Quilt Gallery) may eventually close down, and be turned totally into Lauren's tailoring business in two year’s time.

I am sad by this news since it is so easy for me to get my stash there whenever I send Aiman to his classes on Saturdays. Also, I love taking sewing classes there during the fasting month, and any other month that I feel like taking any classes there. *sigh* I am going to miss it in 2 years time.

Gill has just made her orders for new fabrics last month, and she said that this will be her last orders of fabric for Quilt Gallery. *sigh*

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Charlene said...

Nik .. like your photo. Your are photogenic. Look at the gallery. How I wish that I can find one like that here. So sad to hear that it going close down.