Thursday, November 20, 2008

Declaring war!

heheh! Did I just catch my hubby's attention with that heading, since he is into everything military? LOL!

Oopps! Before anyone thinks that I am declaring war on my hubby, well, I am not. *grin* I love my hubby to bits, though I am sometimes not good at showing my affection lately, what with work way above my head. I am drowning in work, actually, and so is he.

Oopps! I am digressing again......LOL!

I am declaring war on the lizards that are invading my house. It is getting from bad to worse. They are leaving their `trails' everywhere, despite not having any food exposed anywhere in the house.

My hubby has set up several lizard traps given by our pest control company, but, still, I wake up every morning to find their `trails' and finding them `walking' all over my kitchen counter. Uurrgghhhh! I spend my mornings cleaning things up before I can get breakfast ready. As it is, it's a mad rush to get ready for work. I am getting very impatient already! MAD, in fact!

Today, I am on leave to give my mother-in-law a break from baby-sitting Aiman. I woke up this morning to find a lizard on my dining table. Urrghhh! The table was wiped cleaned the night before and clear of any food except for my hubby's bowl of medicine, which are all wrapped up in plastics.

So, this morning, after breakfast, I set about to declare war on the lizards!

I started spraying this lizard repellant from RIDSECT (a local brand) everywhere on the surface of the walls in the kitchen, and legs of the dining table and opened up the house and switched on all the fans so that there is enough air circulating as the smell of the repellant is so strong.

I just saw a lizard coming out `walking' like a drunken person, trying to breath air! I just hope that is the last I have seen of this pest. I have had enough!


Biblo said...

My mum's been using egg shells to keep the lizards away. Maybe you could try that. ^_*

Paul Lionel said...

I CANNOT stand cicaks!! Death to them all!!

nikai said...

I used to pour hot water to get to the cicak.. such as when it was hiding under the microwave.. bit messy.. but..

Anonymous said...

salam puan... love to read yr blog.. may i add yr blog in my blog list?.. huhu.. thanks...