Saturday, February 14, 2009

Been married too long, have we? LOL! *wink*

I say that with love and affection, though playfully (bergurau senda) and cheeky. *grin*

It is always a joke between my hubby and I that if either one of us forgets to be romantic or loving, we'd jokingly poke at each other to say that it is because we have been married for too long, and that will almost always make us both burst into laughter, even at our most down or angry moments. *grin*

It is said or the belief of the general public that when one has been married for far too long, one tends to take each other's partner for granted. When once before, you remember their birthdates, take them out to romantic dinners and buy presents to show your affection, and Valentine's Day will never pass by without at least a profess of love, but once married, to some people, all those no longer becomes important.

Well, today, my hubby just proved that belief right. LOL! *wink*

This morning, we attended a 3-way conference at my son's school. It is something like a Parent Meet Teacher Day where you meet up the taechers to find out about your child's performance in school. Aiman had a birthday party to attend after the conference, and we can either drop him off or stay on to chit chat with the other parents. We decided to opt for the former.

After dropping off Aiman, my hubby asked me, "OK, what shall we do now?"

I suggested that we go to a nearby shopping complex, and he said, "OK, but, to do what?"

I said, "'s Valentine's Day. Don't you want to take me out on a date, since our son now is safely having fun with his friends?" *grins cheekily at hubby*

His response? He drew a blank for the first few seconds before it hit him, and he said, "OH! OK!" and burst into laughter! *grin*

"Been married too long, have we?" I said, and we both burst into laughter! LOL! *grin*

We went to The Gardens at Midvalley where he went browsing at BORDERS while I went in search of some craft things at ART FRIENDS. We met up again after about 45 minutes to have lunch, and he suggested that we try a japanese restaurant next to BORDERS. It looks nice, and suitable to have a valentine lunch there, but, unfortunately, there was a very long queue that extended more than 6 meters outside of the restaurant.

It was already passed 1.00pm then, and we couldn't wait any longer as we needed to pick up Aiman at 2.00pm, so, we decided to check out the food court on the same lever, aptly named Food Garden.

So, what did we have for our Valentine Lunch Date? *wink*

My hubby had his favourite Bento Set, while I tried out the Lamb Shank served with pita bread and lime rice at the kebab stall.

We shared a bowl of Air Batu Campur Special, the most romantic that we could get! LOL! *wink* Too bad that we couldn't get someone to snap a photo of us sharing the bowl of ABC. *grin*

Well, to be honest, as much as it would have been nice to have something more romantic, but, it doesn't really matter. We have to be practical at this time and day. I think what is most important is not the food nor the place, but the company.

I love my hubby to bits, and pray that we will be together till death do us part, and I hope that we will both be able to live long enough, blessed with good wealth and health, God willing, to see our son grow up, get married and make a living for himself. Amin.

HAPPY VALENTINE's Day, Dia! Hugs and kisses!


Datin Nik Zaharah said...

Happy valentine to both of you. Lot of love from your mum. I hope and pray that your love will grow and grow and be blessed with happiness, health and wealth.

ShannyK-L said...

hehehe... Men! I could imagine the look on your DH's face - BLUR! lol! Well at least he finally remembers... :p

And guess what? DH forgot that its Valentine's! arrgghhh.... So I told him; well its time for a change don't you think? hehehehehe...

Paul Lionel said...


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