Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am feeling restless.................

It is 2.00 pm. I just came back from a project site meeting and a visit to another project site. Work on site is falling behind. There are some technical glitches and needs immediate attention. I have to be careful on what intructions that I give out because there are many implecations.

I am feeling restless. I do not know why. Maybe because of the piles of letters on my table that does not seem to shrink, but seem to grow higher by the hour? Could it also be because of the many decisions that I have to make? I am uncertain if I will be making the right decision when it comes to work.

Or, could it be because I slept late again last night, despite planning to actually sleep early after my contact lenses gave me so much problem in the evening that by the time I got home, my eyes were all red? I really can't say if that is the reason why I am feeling restless.

Could it be because I have so much work in the office, and so many things that needs taking care of that I don't know where to start that I am feeling restless? You know that feeling, right?


Life goes on...............

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Paul Lionel said...

I know the feeling :(