Monday, February 02, 2009

Learning my ABCs

I know! I know! I shouldn’t start on a new project when I have yet to complete the Calendar project, *grin* but, I needed a break from the calendar project for a while. I have been working on the calendar project for more than a month, and after making so many mistakes, I am feeling a little bit frustrated. I am anxious to complete it, yet, I am feeling restless and eager to start on a new project.

So, yesterday, I picked up the ABC quilt project to work on it. I had actually started on it on the day I came back from my classes at EPAL last week, when I realized the many mistakes that I had made. But, like I said in my previous posting on the calendar project, I had to stop working on it when the numbers that I had to redo felt like they were staring at me to complete them. *grin*

Anyway, back to the ABC quilt project, I got to as far as the sewing all the little corners to the base of ABC blocks.

After dinner last night, and after watching CSI:Miami,I worked on it some more and managed to prepare 4 alphabets to take to class today so that the teachers can show me how to do the buttonhole stitch, as I am unsure of the size that the stitch should be.

Once I get that right, only then do I dare proceed with the rest of the alphabets. Once bitten, twice shy. I don’t want to proceed doing all the alphabets only to find out that I might have made a mistake. I am going to be a little bit more careful this time.

I am excited to work on this project because there will be some new things that I will be learning from this project. I will be learning a method of using this brown paper which I am not sure what it is called (the book did not say what material it is), but it has gum on one side (no, it is not fusible web).

This paper has the alphabets printed on it on one side, and gum on the other side. Once all the piecings are done, I will have to pierce open the back of the fabric and tear out the paper before putting on the backing piece to the quilt. Could it be called freezer paper? But, it’s brown in colour. Maybe someone out there can tell me what it is?

I am also excited about this project as I love the play of colours of the alphabets.

Actually, to tell you the truth, despite all my complains about the wrong instructions in the book, and about different teachers teaching things to be done differently even though they are teaching the same project, and a few other complains that I may have about EPAL, I must stress that I am always excited to work on each and every project so far, and also the coming ones. I would never consider any of the projects a waste of time.

I have gained lots of knowledge through every project that I did, despite my complains here and there. *wink* I love most of the projects that I did despite the minor setbacks and 'problems'. It will never stop me from doing more projects in the future at EPAL. I have enjoyed doing them. It only makes me even more careful when I venture onto my next project.

For sure, the next project that I am going to start, I am going to ask the teachers first if there are any mistakes that I should look out for. But, I am sure that there will still be some mistakes. It’s all part of the learning process. It makes you aware of your surroundings. I have lost nothing but gained so much, that's for sure.

My only wish is that, though, the teachers, or, rather, the management of EPAL just be a little bit more professional, in the way they deliver the information. I guess you just can’t have the best of everything, can you? *wink*

Oh, BTW, I am also excited about this ABC quilt project because I was told that a certain celebrity is also working on the same project. *wink*


Zarina said...

Once bitten twice shy. And if you're bored, do other things/project - life is too short.

Paul Lionel said...

All the best Nik!