Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ayah!

It was my father-in-laws birthday on 17th February, but it was only yesterday that all the children could find time to come together to celebrate it.

We had a barbeque, where my hubby did all the marinating for the chicken all by himself as I was away in Penang attending a function (see previous posting). Maybe I should be away more often as everyone commented that the barbeque chicken was delicious! *wink*

My hubby actually has the talent for cooking, but, because I cook at home most of the time, he doesn’t get the chance to show off his talent! LOL! *wink*

Anyway, back to the party, it was just a small celebration among his children and my MIL’s sister who is a frequent visitor to the house, and my FIL’s card playing partner, her husband, daughter and grand-daughter.

There was plenty of food spread on the table. Besides the barbequed chicken, we had homemade garlic bread, fried mee hoon, satay, potato salad and some desserts.

The birthday cake was made up of several cupcakes to spell the word “HAPPY 73rd BIRTHDAY, AYAH”.

The cupcakes might look very sweet, but they aren’t, actually. The sugary sweetness is just nice, as I am not much into very sweet food.

Here’s a photo of my FIL with all his grandchildren minus two who are away at boarding school. Another one is missing from the photo. My hubby is in the background.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ayah! May you have a long and healthy life!

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