Sunday, February 01, 2009

Want a ride on the ferris wheel?

Yesterday, Aiman finally completed his biggest project so far at his engineering workshop - a ferris wheel that actually moves! heheh....sounds like his mummy is more excited than him! LOL!

He's no where to be seen in this amaturish `video' I took at his class yesterday. He was busy playing computer games. *grin*

It took Aiman two classes, at 1 hour 30 minutes each class, for him to finally complete the project as it was a little more difficult compared to the earlier projects that he had been doing so far. His teacher thought that it is time that Aiman advanced a little in his class as he had been attending classes for the past 1 1/2 years.

Here is Aiman with his teachers.

I also think that even his teachers were more enthusiastic about the completed project than he was. He was too much into his computer games which he started playing as soon as he completed the project! LOL! Boys! *grin*


Paul Lionel said...


I wished I had taken such classes when I was a little boy!

eli said...

Great work Aiman!You're indeed a very lucky boy to have the opportunity to attend all those interesting classes.

Abg Han also built a ferris wheel from knex pieces, I posted a while back at my photoblog.

For his birthday, he requested knex saw blade thrill ride which comes with motor, he assembled it in 2 hrs and as tall as Abg Han. Hee... we shud take a video so that u can see how it moves..

btw kak nun, i've uploaded farhan's violin practice session as requested by Abg Man. Visit my blog for the url :)