Saturday, February 21, 2009

I was on TV!

LOL! Sorry for sounding overly excited, but it is not often for someone common, as in, not famous, *grin* to be on TV! LOL! *grin* But, unfortunately, I missed seeing myself on TV as I never expected that I would appear on TV. *sigh*

I had a couple of excited smses from my staffs telling me that they saw me in the news on NTV7! LOL! They must have been excited too to see their boss appearing on TV! LOL! *grin* That makes me feel so touched! *wink*

Usually, whenever I attend any functions that involve VVIPs and there were cameramen or press people around, I would call up my mum and hubby to ask them to watch the news as I might just appear on TV. But, on the several occasions that I have attended in the last year or so, my mum would faithfully sit in front of the TV to await for my `appearance’, only to end up wasting her time as there would be a ‘no show’ from me.

So, this time, I decided that I am not going to waste my mum’s time and so, never bothered to tell her to wait up for the news for the ‘just in case’ her not so famous daughter might appear on TV. LOL! *wink* but, only, this time I appeared! LOL! *sigh*

So now, you may ask, why was I on TV?

Well, I attended a ground breaking ceremony for one of my projects, and the Guest of Honour for the function was YBhg Dato’ Sri Hj. Ahmad Said Hamdan, the Chief Commisioner of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission.

I gave a briefing on the project, and after that, YBhg Dato’ Sri officiated the ground breaking ceremony using an excavator to break the ground before proceeding to plant two trees to signify the start of the project.

It was during this tree planting ceremony that he called me to join in to plant the trees with him.

Project briefing I was ready for, but, planting trees with the guest of honour? Now, THAT, I wasn’t prepared for, LOL! But, I sportingly took the hoe and started filling up the hole where the tree was. I must have looked so funny and odd, LOL! But, gardening I love to do!

Heheh……that was a first for me…planting trees in a ceremonial function with the VVIP! You must understand why I was so excited! LOL! *wink*

It’s not often that one gets such a privilege, right? Well, okay, maybe it is not such a big privilege or deal to some of you, but, excited I still am. LOL! *wink* AND, I appeared on TV! LOL! *grin*

OK! OK! I shall calm down………ssshhhhhhh…….

I am now calm and…*taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly*…….. my feet is fully back on the ground……*wink*


Paul Lionel said...


busymum100 said...

wow, cool.

Emily said...

wahh, you lost some weight? looking great in that outfit!

Za said...

I look like I lost weight? Wow! I must wear that outfit more often! LOL! *wink*

BTW, that's our corporate outfit, which we would usually have to wear for formal functions held on site.