Monday, February 09, 2009

So many gifts, so much fun!

I think everyone will agree with me that we came to the Meet with only one bag, but left with at least another bag! LOL! There was so much food and so many gifts given out that it was like we were having a birthday party! Well, we were, actually - NNC’s birthday!

First, there was the Anniversary Gift Exchange organized by Margaret, where everyone couldn’t stop going ooh and aahs when each gift was opened in turns. Margaret even wanted to rip open Rose’s gift from Shanny when Rose took time to daintily open her gift! LOL!

Margaret was all ready to open her gift when it came to her turn, as she had un-wrapped it halfway already. LOL!

I picked out the number which was Paul’s gift, and in it, you wouldn’t belief - a handmade, really a handmade as in hand sewn, teapot cover! He had actually hand sewn the whole tea pot cover, including the Sun Bonnet Sue, and he said that he didn’t like her because she always looked so weird, eerie and mysterious because she is never shown how her face looks like! LOL!

I also got in the pack, 3 rolls of organza ribbon in turquoise, yellow and pink. He also packed in 3 rolls of paper satin ribbons in red, pink and yellow. I also got a packet of lace in pink, blue, black and white.

There’s a pink, my favourite colour, in everything that Paul gave, as it is also his favorite colour, except, eerr…..the tea pot cover! *grin*

I think Paul was afraid that if whoever gets his gift and the person is not much into pink, at least the main item is in a colour that is neutral. *grin* Smart thinking! *wink*

Here's a close-up of the tea pot cover. Paul also crocheted the lace himself.

Thanks, Paul, for the gift!

Next, there was the goodie bag, organised by Tini. There were a dozen things in it!

There were 4 rolls of ribbons and a packet pf beads wrapped up in netting tied up with ribbon, given by Margaret. Sabariah gave a small TUPPERWARE containing two mini bottles of body wash. Mel gave a handmade needle pouch which came complete with a un-picker and a box of needles. She also gave a packet of buttons in yummy colours.

Here's a close-up of the lovely needle book from Mel.

Zarina gave a skein of her very own hand dyed threads. I got one in shades of blue-green-yellow. Really lovely! Rose gave a mini pincushion, and Usha made a bookmark with a rose on one end and a crocheted flower on the other end.

Flown all the way from the United States was a set of multi-coloured pins from Diane, and Tini showed off what her new Janome 350e machine can do by giving a 3-layered embroidered flower brooch. I contributed a mini towel tied up with ribbons and a mini rose. Tini added on Pop Tarts in the bags of those who contributed to the goodie bag.

Now that’s what I call a real GOODIE BAG! LOL! With all those goodies, doesn’t it make you feel like it’s your birthday? *wink*

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the goodie bags.

Then, there was the Lucky Draw, which, as usual, I am not the lucky one to get it, but Rose did, and it contained so many goodies in it, I think Rose went home really satisfied that evening. *grin*

Besides the gifts that everyone got, I also received 3 hostess gifts from Tini, Paul and Margaret.

Tini once again show off what her Janome 350e can do by giving me an embroidered towel with the lettering “THANK YOU”. Margaret gave me a very lovely PINK tuck cushion with the wording “FRIENDSHIP GROWS”, a design by Lizzie Kate. I got a lovely biscornu done in blackwork, from Paul, a first for him doing a biscornu, and a cute little scissor fob with my name on it.

Thank you, Paul, Tini, and Margaret! They are all so lovely. I hope to find some time to reciprocate. *wink*

There is one other gift which I received yesterday, but we have agreed, or rather, the organizer has requested that we shall not open it until the 14th of February. It is the Valentine Gift Exchange, and I got mine from Anna yesterday.

It is all so nicely tied up in ribbons and tempting me to open it up! LOL! But, I shall behave! LOL! *wink*

Come quickly 14th February! LOL! *wink*

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Paul Lionel said...

I'm glad you liked my gifts Nik :) And thank you for the compliments.