Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ayin!

My nephew, Ayin, turned 11 on 8 February 2009, and we had a small celebration just among close family members at my brother’s house yesterday.

My mum was in town, and she had cooked Ayin’s favourite dish, which is Gulai Ikan Tongkol, also a favourite dish of mine. Yum! Actually, I don’t think there is a dish of my mum’s cooking that I have yet to not like, especially those that are recipes passed on from my late maternal grandmother.

My mum also prepared Pulut Kunyit, as a mark of kesyukuran (feeling blessed and thankful) for all the good things in life that Allah has given us.

We also had murtabak, a savoury dish of minced meat, cooked with onions & spices, wrapped up with pastry. This particular murtabak, which is an inch thick, and measures about 9’ x 9”, is widely known in Kelantan as Murtabak Raja, because it is said to be a favourite of the Kelantan Royal family. Hmmm….Could I call it Murtabak Nik too since it is also a favorite of the Nik family? LOL! *wink*

Here are some photos taken during the small celebration.......... The birthday boy with his sister, Fatin, and Aiman. Fatin almost had her little foot into the cake! LOL! Notice how Aiman is holding on to her feet? LOL!

Same size, but two years difference in age (Aiman is 8 going on 9 this year), but yet, they still share the same interest. Both love Bionicles, Pokemon, Gameboy and PSP!

Here's a cute one of my niece who will turn one next month. Oops! I have yet to complete the ABC quilt I found among my many UFOs!

Yup! She sure looks like she's reminding me that she's going to turn one next month in that pose, doesn't she? LOL! Already bossy at her age! LOL! *grin*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ayin! May you have lots of success in life! Hugs, and lots of kisses from Che Za, Uncle Man and Aiman!


nikai said...

Happy birthday from us too

Sufia said...

:) Many thanks on behalf of Ayin