Sunday, June 07, 2009

Catching the sun's ray

In my earlier posting, I mentioned that my son was down with high fever last weekend. He slept all day last Saturday and Sunday, and so, at about late afternoon last Saturday, when he woke up from his nap, I was plesantly surprised when he asked if we could do the stain glass project that I had bought for him at Craft Haven just the day before.

He was still running a high fever then, but not wanting to disappoint him, and also, I thought it would be a good idea to get him up and active again, instead of sleeping all day, I agreed.

So, we sat down together to paint. We had to do several layers before the paint finally covered all the areas of the glass.

We had fun, and I could see him trying hard to get into the spirit of things, but, after he was done with the painting, he was all weak and spent the rest of the evening sleeping.

He only woke up again in the late evening to asked if his stain glass project is all dried up as he would like me to hang it up so that it can catch the sun's ray. Unfortunately, it was already dark when he got up, but not wanting to disappoint him, I hung it up anyway at our pergola, and promised him that as soon as he gets well, we will try to catch the sun's ray the next time the sun is shining bright.

That weekend, however, ended being gloomy all day. But, on Sunday morning, I decided to take some photos of the stain glass anyway, and so, here is it....

Not the best project that we have done together, but, still, it was a project we both enjoyed doing together.

Lovely, huh, like a real stain glass? *wink*

Here's a latest photo of Aiman with his cheeks all glowing again, taken last Sunday when he was feeling much better, in a sweat shirt and pants that his Tokmi brought back for him all the way from the US.

It was just the right clothing as the doctor did say to dress him in something airy and light so that his body heat can be released faster. The shirt fitted him perfectly. My mum was worried that it might be too small for him, but, looks like he will be able to wear this shirt and pants for some time yet to come.

Thanks, Ma! Love the colour!


nikai said...

Happy birthday Kaknun!

Za said...

Thanks, NikAi! Hugs!